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fuse wire of temperature fuse is what material composition

Temperature fuse There are two kinds of Fuse wire:
1. organic matter (organic chemical tablets, thermal particles)
2. Fusible alloy wire
The first is: type of organic matter Temperature fuse
It consists of the following materials:Thermal pill, Barrel type spring,  Wafer, Circuit breakers, Star contact film, Insulation ceramics, Sealant, Metal wire foot.

The quality of thermal pill is decided,Temperature The actual operating temperature of the fuse and the tolerance range. It is the life of the key elements of temperature fuse, Higher holding temperature.

Temperature fuse work process:
Action Front conductor ⇔ Movable contact ⇔ Metal shell ⇒ Conduct current between wires
The ambient temperature rises or the temperature senses heat when the particles are melted.
After the temperature-sensitive granules (heat-sensitive granules) are melted, So that spring expansion, The movable contact is separated from the lead end, The temperature fuse to cut off the electrical current.
Common metal case temperature fuses are organic (thermal particles) thermal fuse links.
Temperature fuse Brand: Yaxun, Emerson, Tamura. AUPO, NEC Etc.
Working state diagram of organic temperature fuse
The second: fusible alloy wire type Temperature fuse
Fusible alloys, also known as low melting point alloys, Fusible alloys are often used extensively as welding materials, Is the fuse, Temperature fuse and other thermal components of the Fuse wire. Is a kind of considerable potential for development of low melting point alloy new materials.
Structure: Fusible alloy wire type temperature fuse,Is the temperature fuse between the two pins connected to a fusible alloy wire,Fusible alloy wire wrapped with a layer of special resin.
work process:
When the ambient temperature rises,The resinous mixture, which encases the fusible alloy wire, begins to melt. When the melting point of the resin is reached, Resin mixture melting will produce a strong pull, The molten alloy under the action of the resin surface tension, Quickly fuse to both ends of the fuse center. Shrink into a spherical, Thereby permanently interrupting the current.

Common Fusible Alloy Wire Temperature Fuse: Ceramic shell, Square case temperature fuse
Temperature fuse Brand: Ya Xun Electronics, RH, Tamura. AUPO, NEC Etc.
Fusing status of fusible alloy wire type thermal fuse
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