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Kenmore Dryer Thermal Fuse

Kenmore Elite Dryer Thermal Fuse Replacement
The dryer generates heat through heating elements to dry the clothes in the inner tub. A large amount of heat is generated during operation. In the event of an abnormality, in order to prevent a large amount of heat from accumulating and causing a safety accident, the drying thermostat will disconnect the heating element in a timely manner. After the fault is rectified, the thermostat must be reset before the dryer can continue to work.
The existing clothes dryers generally do not have a reset device. When the machine is abnormal, professionals need to open the machine for manual reset, which is inconvenient to use and increases after-sales costs. Utility model content
The utility model is to avoid the above-mentioned shortcomings of the prior art, and provides a safe and effective reset structure. In the case of handling the abnormality, the machine can be reset without the guidance of professionals. The utility model solves the technical problems and adopts the following technical solutions

The utility model solves the technical problems and adopts the following technical solutions
The manual reset device of the temperature controller of the clothes dryer includes the temperature controller and the temperature controller fixing plate installed on the rear panel of the clothes dryer, and also includes a section of L-shaped shrapnel. One end of the L-shaped shrapnel is fixedly connected to the thermostat fixing plate, and the other end extends to the top of the thermostat;
A button that can apply force to the L-shaped shrapnel, and a button bracket fixedly connected to the back panel of the dryer, and the button is movably connected to the button bracket.

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