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Lead fuse holder wiring harness for current fuse
The fuse box and the seat wire harness refer to the wire harness assembly that is convenient to install the fuse.
A design scheme that facilitates circuit wiring and exchange. Components include: cable components, wire harness connectors, fuse blocks, and terminal blocks. The overcurrent protection element can be directly installed in the circuit, and the fuse can be connected through the metal terminal, which is easy to replace and easy to repair. For relays, motors, ships, automobiles, and supporting components that provide safe and mature wiring solutions. Some have performance characteristics such as waterproof, fireproof and high temperature resistance (depending on the material and shape).

LSCR series fuse box products are comprehensive modular high-speed fuse boxes specially used to place a variety of high-speed fuses and UL power fuses. The LSCR series adopts a modular stud design, which can be easily installed on the switchboard. It has passed the CE certification and complies with the RoHS standard.

The LSCR series products belong to the POWR-GARD® module bracket. It can be matched to provide professional installation methods for Litte’s L50S / L70S / L70QS / L50QS / L75QS series high-speed fuses. L50S / L70S / L70QS / L50QS / L75QS series high-speed fuses are Littelfuse's POWR-SPEED™ products. They provide optimal circuit protection at extremely fast speeds, and can protect modern, extremely fast, sensitive high-power semiconductor devices. It is usually used in many applications such as the pulp and paper industry, cranes and heavy equipment, sewage treatment plants, and various large factories. The LSCR series high-speed fuse box has extremely high rated voltage and large current characteristics, which can meet the installation requirements of customers for the above various application configurations.

The LSCR series fuse box has a rated voltage of 700 V / 1000 V, and its rated current values are 400A, 800A and 1200A, with outstanding performance and withstand levels up to 200kA. Passed UL certification (E14721), cURus certification (E14721), CSA certification (73160). The LSCR series fuse box is made of phenolic resin or thermoplastic, which has better heat dissipation performance than ordinary fuse boxes. Meet the UL94 V0 flammability rating, the terminal uses electroplated steel, and the product meets the environmental protection RoHS standard.

Fuse box wiring harness for blade fuse
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