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China's motor thermal protection switch manufacturer strictly implements the IATF16949 automotive thermal protection quality management system.
Thermal protection switches for motors are suitable for indoor temperature control in industrial, commercial and civil buildings. The motor's thermal protection switch uses an inflatable diaphragm to sense temperature and compare it with the user's set temperature to automatically control the air conditioning equipment to achieve indoor constant temperature.
Thermal Protection Switch
Mechanical coil thermostats are used in commercial, industrial and civil buildings, and can control the terminal coil fans and water valves of central air-conditioning for heating and cooling. Keep the ambient temperature of the controlled place constant within the set temperature range. The temperature setting dial pointer should be set to the desired constant temperature position. The pull switch functions are: power switch (ON-OFF); operating mode switch (heating HEAT-cooling COOL), FAN wind speed switch (low speed L-medium speed M-high speed H). Controllable equipment: three-speed fan coil, three-wire electric valve, two-wire electric valve, and can also be connected to a solenoid valve, on-off damper or three-wire damper. Dimensions
Explosion-proof temperature controller instruction manual

After the explosion-proof temperature controller is used in conjunction with the heating tape, it can control the pipeline heating temperature and adjust the temperature set value.
1. Technical performance

Mechanical temperature control switch description
2. Product use and maintenance

☆Open the terminal box cover, unscrew the terminal nipple, pass the incoming and outgoing cables through their respective terminal nipples, and tighten the terminal box cover.

☆Connect the cables according to the wiring diagram in the junction box, tighten the terminal nipple, and tighten the junction box cover.

☆Open the outer cover of the temperature adjustment box, adjust the temperature to the required control temperature, and then tighten the outer cover.

☆Use a clamp to fix the thermostat base in place, and place the temperature control probe close to the part where the temperature is being measured.

☆Connect the control outlet wire to the power box and connect it to the electric heating tape in the box. The incoming line of the thermostat is connected to the power grid, and it can be powered on after checking that it is correct.

☆The temperature control probe can only be installed horizontally or vertically, otherwise temperature instability will occur. ☆If the thermostat is deformed, cracked or damaged, stop using it and replace it with a new one.

From the perspective of working principle, motor thermal protection switches can be divided into three categories: pressure type, bimetal type, and capillary type. Among them, the pressure type is mainly used in refrigeration home appliances, such as refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, etc. The bimetallic sheet type can be subdivided into two types: pop-up type and button type. Mainly used in small household appliances such as electric kettles, coffee pots, and electric irons, as well as household appliance accessories such as motors and compressors. Capillary thermostats can also be divided into two types: body expansion type and liquid expansion type. It is usually used in larger heating household appliances such as fryers, electric ovens, microwave ovens, dishwashers, and electric water heaters. Electronic thermostats are suitable for central air conditioning, single-family heating, floor heating, and various fuel and gas boilers (wall-mounted boilers) and other equipment. It is an ideal temperature control product and energy-saving product.

From the perspective of application scope, motor thermal protection switches are widely used in the field of home appliance production, and almost all home appliances require this component. In recent years, driven by the rapid development of China's home appliance industry, the motor thermal protection switch market has maintained a development trend of both supply and demand. Driven by a number of national support policies, the production and sales of complete home appliances have regained vitality, and the purchase of thermostats has also increased significantly. Judging from market demand, motor thermal protection switches are still the mainstay of the thermostat market.

Characteristics of motor thermal protection switch
Fixed working temperature, reliable and crisp action, no arcing, long service life, reliable performance, compact structure, complete functions, low price, etc. It is mainly used in situations where circuits need to be automatically switched on and off with temperature changes. The jump-type thermostat, which controls the temperature of the appliance within a constant temperature range, is also called a jump-type temperature limit switch or a snap-acting bimetallic thermostat.

The thermal protection switch of this kind of motor has complete functions, crisp action, cheap price and long service life, so it is sought after by consumers. Thermal protection switches of motors are mainly used in equipment systems that rely on temperature to automatically adjust power supply. The thermostat responds to temperatures within a certain limited range.
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