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The price and cost of purchasing current fuse

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When purchasing fuses, although the fuses are of the same specification, the price is still different. For example, the price, quality, and parameters of current fuses from domestic, foreign, and different manufacturers may be somewhat different. Especially in terms of price, Chinese-made fuses are cheaper than foreign ones. Why?

Answer: Foreign products have strict systems at the beginning of design, from research and development, production to delivery, and basically take many external factors into consideration. From raw material selection, process manufacturing, certification application, product pricing, customers have a clear understanding. Basically, after the product is completed, it can be sold without any problems in the test, and it will soon be recognized and trusted by customers, and the price is naturally stable.

The positioning of domestic products is first produced by imitating foreign products. First put it on the market to see the customer's feedback, and then add production and additional safety certification. Many fuses are made first, so that customers can use them at low prices, and the orders will be stable if they use them well. If the price is too high, it can't be sold, which leads to cheaper and cheaper domestic fuse prices.

Nowadays, some people want to buy fuses, want to save costs, and want the product quality to be guaranteed. Then the fuses made in China can meet these requirements. Although the quality of domestic fuse is not as good as foreign fuse. But after so many years of imitating and learning, the brand and product quality of fuses made in China are also increasing. It is not difficult to see that there are some fuses made in China that can catch up or even surpass foreign fuses.

Since 2016, Chinese factories have increased automatic machinery and equipment on a large scale. Especially the automatic production of square, glass fuses, ceramic fuses, chip fuses, hot melts, and blade fuses. The domestic prices of these products have been falling all the way, especially the fuse prices have been transparent to the point that customers do not want to bargain. There are actually several reasons why this situation is caused:

1. The renminbi continues to fall, the US dollar exchange rate is constantly hovering at a high level, and the renminbi depreciates

2. Too many same products. In order to win more orders, we can only continuously compress profit margins. This is a common problem in China's manufacturing industry.

3. After the tax increase in the United States, many orders have dropped sharply, especially the impact of large customers. This further makes the fuse factory have to compress profit margins and dilute operating expenses in order to maintain the normal operation of the factory.

4. A large number of small workshops are squeezing the market, driving down product prices

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