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Thermal Fuse 15a 250v

AC 250V 10A 185C Celsius Circuito Temperatura de corte Fusible térmico

Product category: RY | RYE series

Product name: SWERY degree fuse|Thermal fuse
Uses: Mainly used for one-time protection of electric rice cookers, electric heaters, electric blankets, hair dryers, electric irons, electric frying pans, etc.

Working principle and characteristics:

This is an organic compound type thermal fusion body, with a relatively large set temperature range, small volume, large overcurrent, metal shell as a carrier fluid, non-resettable, shock and vibration resistance, strong sealing, wide range of use, and basic It is suitable for all household appliances.

The product has high precision, good durability and continuity; large current carrying capacity, quick response to ambient temperature, and easy installation.

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AC 250V 10A 185C Celsius Circuit Cut Off Temperature Thermal Fuse

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