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Electric oven fusible fuse has a small, sturdy fusible thermal protector that detects abnormal temperature and cuts off the circuit.
It can detect the abnormal temperature rise of household or industrial electrical products and cut off the circuit quickly and timely, which can achieve the effect of preventing fires in the first place.

The fusing type thermal protector uses heat-sensitive particles; (organic chemical substances) are two types of RHD-type heat-sensitive materials and low melting point alloys.
Rated operating temperature range is 96℃-240℃, and there are various products with rated current of 0.5A-15A. (Related reading: Application of overcurrent device self-recovery fuse in low-voltage power supply products)

Application scope:
Mainly used in electric ovens, mobile phone batteries, steam engines, power cords, thermal resistance, capacitors, tofu making machines, waste grinders, audio system transformers, timer switches, sterilizers, thermal hair dryers, electric stoves, microwave ovens, refrigerators, rice cookers, coffee pots , Sandwich stove, electric motor and other small appliances.

Structure and working principle:

The structure and operation principle of the fuse type thermal protector, the fuse type thermal protector is to put the heat-sensitive particles (organic chemical substance) material into the metal shell and cut off by overheating.

Its specialty can cut off large current of 10A or 15A, 20A (rated current)
Maximum overload temperature: the fuse will not change state until it reaches this temperature

Maintain temperature: Normal work within this range (please consider not too close to the rated operating temperature during your design and installation of the fuse, otherwise malfunction may occur).

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