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Supply of different parameters motor overload protector

What is a motor overload protector?
The role of the motor protector is to provide complete protection of the motor. A device that alarms or protects the motor when there is overload, overcurrent, phase loss, stall, short circuit, overvoltage, undervoltage, leakage, three-phase unbalance, overheating, bearing wear, and eccentricity of the stator.

How to choose the motor overload protector?
There are no uniform standards for motor protection products on the market, and the model specifications are varied. In order to meet the different needs of users, manufacturers have derived a large number of series of products, which have a variety of inconveniences for the selection of users; Users should fully consider the actual needs of motor protection when selecting the model, and reasonably choose the protection function and protection mode to achieve good protection effect, to improve equipment operation reliability, reduce unplanned parking, and reduce accident losses.

(1) Conditions related to selection
1, motor parameters: First understand the motor specifications, functional characteristics, protection type, rated voltage, rated current, rated power, power frequency, insulation level and so on. These contents basically provide a reference for the user to correctly select the protector.

2. Environmental conditions: Mainly refers to normal temperature, high temperature, high cold, corrosion degree, vibration, sand, altitude, electromagnetic pollution.

3, motor use: Mainly refers to the characteristics of the mechanical equipment required to drag, such as fans, pumps, air compressors, lathes, oil field pumping units and other mechanical properties of different loads.
4. Control method: The control modes include manual, automatic, local control, remote control, stand-alone operation, and centralized control of the production line. Start-up methods include direct, step-down, star angle, frequency sensitive varistor, inverter, and soft start.

5. Other aspects: The user's on-site production monitoring management, the severity of the impact of abnormal shutdown on production.

There are many factors related to the selection of protectors, such as installation location, power supply conditions, power distribution system conditions, etc. Also consider whether to protect the newly purchased motor configuration, or to upgrade the motor protection, or to improve the protection of the accident motor; Also consider the difficulty of changing the motor protection method and the degree of impact on production; The selection and adjustment of the protector should be considered comprehensively according to the actual working conditions on site.
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