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Overload Protection Switch for Power Strip

Overload protection switch for power strip
As users have higher and higher safety requirements for power strips, all power strips on the market are equipped with overload protection switches. Compared with the previous overload protector and rocker switch, the current overload protective switch combines the dual functions of the overload protector and the rocker switch. Simplified the production of power strips, save space, and more power strip manufacturers will adopt it in the future.

The overload protection switch produced by YAXUN adopts American imported EMS bimetallic strips, silver contacts, stable quality, sensitive tripping time, and good pressing feel. The overload protection switch of L8 series has passed American UL certification, CCC certification and CB, CE, TUV safety certification.
L8 series overload protection switch, a variety of button color options, rated current 5-20A can be customized according to customer requirements. Rated voltage, DC and AC can be customized according to customer requirements, DC 12/24V, AC 125V and 250V.
The new L8 overload protection switch adopts a hidden body design and a mini button, which is universally used for Xiaomi type power strips. The smaller button design makes the product look more concise and fashionable, which meets the aesthetic needs of young people.

Ship type overload protection switch
Ship type overload protection switch
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