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The motor will burn out if the overload protector is installed?

Motor overload, over temperature protection switch
Recently, some customers reported that the motor has an overload protector (overload switch) installed, why the motor is still burned out? Before explaining this problem, let's first understand the reason why the motor burns out.

The motor burns are generally as follows:
Overcurrent: Long-term overcurrent operation of the motor will cause large heat generation in the motor windings, and the motor cannot dissipate heat normally. The insulation level of the motor is reduced after overheating, causing a short circuit to the ground or phase-to-phase, causing the motor to burn out.

Overvoltage: When the motor is running, if the rated voltage is exceeded, the magnetomotive force of the stator winding will increase. The rotor induced current increases, and the thermal effect of the rotor current increases, which causes the motor to be overheated and burns the motor.

The motor starts frequently: When starting, the current of the motor is 3-5 times of the rated current. If the start time interval is too short, it may cause the motor to overheat and burn.

Motor overload protection switch
Motor working environment:
There are problems with heat dissipation in the working environment of the motor:
When the motor is working, the internal ventilation temperature is too high, so that the motor cannot get good heat dissipation and cause the motor to overheat. Or there are serious dust accumulation in the motor, excessive grease and other factors that are not conducive to the heat dissipation of the motor.

The above points are the reasons for the burning of the motor. According to these problems, an overload protector will be added to solve it, but sometimes it will still be burned out when the protector is installed. This is because some overload protectors only have an overload protection function, but do not have an overheat protection function. The overload protector can only protect the action when the motor is overcurrent, and the action delay is relatively long. Sometimes it is very common that the motor is burned before it can be protected. So before installing the overload protector, find out if there is a temperature protection function. If the function cannot be achieved, an overheating protection switch can be installed as an option.

YAXUN motor protector has dual protection functions for overload and over temperature. It can not only protect when the motor is overcurrent, but also when the temperature is too high. You can try to choose this type of dual protection element overload protection switch.
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