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Selection of car motor overload protector

Application of overload protection switch
How to solve the overload problem of automobile window motor, pedal motor, sunroof motor- Application of overload protection switch
With the development of science and technology, the intelligentization of family cars, such as the traditional method of manually opening and closing the trunk of a car for a long time. Now the tail box can be opened and closed automatically only by pressing the remote control.

What technology achieves this function? The principle is simple. The micro drive system is used for the tailgate push rod of the automobile, and it acts on the gear of the overall tailgate electric push rod motor. The transmission through the main shaft is composed of an inner tube and an outer tube. The push rod motor and gearbox in the inner tube drive a threaded spindle, and the spindle moves on a threaded nut fixed on the inner side of the outer tube. The electric pillar push rod uses the electric spindle located in the internal motor of the pillar to open and close the trunk lid spring, which also assists the lid opening operation.

When it comes to car tailgate motors, we should pay attention to the protection of the motors. Motors often have problems with overload and overheating. If these problems often occur and are not solved in time, it is easy to reduce the life of the motor or even burn the motor. The most common way to protect the motor is to add a motor overload protector.

The function of the motor overload protector is when the motor runs abnormally. For example, a locked rotor will cause the motor to overheat. The motor protector will receive this signal and cut off the power to the motor to achieve the purpose of protecting the motor, which is very effective.

HC02 overload protector

Recently, a customer found that we wanted to find a suitable overload protection switch for the tailgate push rod motor. Requires over-current and over-temperature dual protection, temperature 130 ℃, overload current 20A. For this reason, we recommend HC02 series overload protector to him. Both of these models can meet customer requirements. After testing, the customer finally chooses the HC02 series protector according to the installation environment.

The shell of HC02 overload protector is a plastic shell with better insulation. The small size can be directly connected in series for protection in the circuit, with fast tripping speed, accurate protection and better protection effect.

More common automobile motor overload protection switches: 2MP, 5AP, klixon 6AP, 3MP, HC02
automobile motor overload protection switches
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