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Application of KSD301 Bimetal Temperature Switch

KSD301 bimetal temperature switch
The KSD301 bimetal temperature switch is a bimetallic instantaneous thermal cut-off switch with a fixed temperature. Application of KSD301 overheating protection (disinfection cabinet, heating tube, electric hot plate, heating pad, soymilk machine, paper shredder, electric kettle)

The disinfection cabinet can ensure the hygiene of tableware and protect people's health, especially young people love it. There are many disinfection methods for the disinfection cabinet, such as ultraviolet disinfection, high temperature disinfection, ozone disinfection, and far infrared rays. Either way, the safe use of the disinfection cabinet is the first priority, especially the high temperature and overheat protection of the disinfection cabinet. So now KSD301 temperature control switch has become the overheating protection product favored by many manufacturers.

A high-quality disinfection cabinet requires a good temperature control switch. The temperature controller of the disinfection cabinet, also called the temperature switch of the disinfection cabinet, is based on the principle of thermal expansion and contraction of objects. Thermal expansion and contraction are common to objects, but different objects have different degrees of thermal expansion and contraction. The two sides of the bimetallic strip are conductors of different materials, and the bimetallic strip bends due to the different degree of expansion and contraction under the changing temperature. The bimetal bends and touches the set contact or switch, so that the set open and close circuit starts to work.

The customer is a manufacturer of disinfection cabinets and needs to install a thermostat for the high-temperature disinfection cabinet. Parameter requirements: temperature 180℃, electrical specification 220V/10A. According to the installation position provided by the customer, we recommend KSD301 temperature control switch and fixed ring. After the customer gets the product, the installation test is performed directly, and both the size and the protection effect meet the customer's requirements. Install as shown.

Temperature control switch installation diagram

The KSD301 temperature control switch product is well fixed and has a large electrical capacity. It is more suitable to be used in a disinfection cabinet, and the terminal can be directly connected to the circuit with a wire. The circuit can act quickly for protection when abnormally high temperature occurs.
KSD301 size
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