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Bipolar temperature control switch applied to instant water heater

Bipolar temperature control switch
KSD307 bipolar temperature switch is used in instant water heaters.
Today, everyone's reliance on water heaters is getting stronger and stronger. Electric water heaters have become the first choice for household water heaters due to their safety and constant temperature characteristics. There are many types of water heaters, and instant electric water heaters are favored by the masses.

Application of temperature control switch for instant water heater

Instant electric water heaters adopt non-metallic heaters, water and electricity isolation technology, leakage protection devices, grounding protection and other measures to ensure safety. However, the power of instant water heaters is relatively large, and the requirements for household electrical circuits are relatively high, and the overheating protection performance of water heaters is even higher. The temperature control switch is an indispensable device in the water heater safety protection system.

The temperature control switch used in instant electric water heaters is mostly the same as that of other water heaters. For example, self-heating faucets, etc., the general principle is over-temperature protection. When the water temperature exceeds the safe temperature, the water heater will stop working, and restart after the water temperature drops. These are automatic protection reset functions. I have talked about it in the temperature control switch of the self-heating faucet before, and today I will tell you about the application case of this product.

The customer is a manufacturer of instant electric water heaters and needs a temperature controllable, manually reset thermostat. It is required to be able to withstand high power, and the temperature is controlled at about 110°C. According to customer requirements, we recommend KSD307 bipolar temperature control switch, the current can reach 45A. The temperature control can be instantaneously cut off protection, and has an automatic reset function. KSD307 temperature control switch shell is a fully enclosed bimetal contact temperature-sensing temperature power-off switch. According to the principle of thermal expansion and contraction, the metal sheet is bent to achieve rapid tripping and connection within the preset temperature range, which protects the electrical appliance from overheating. This product is very suitable for use in various types of water heaters.

Temperature control switch for instant water heater
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