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Automatic Reset and Manual Reset KSD301

KSD301, KSD302 series products are a temperature control switch using bimetallic sheet as the temperature sensing component. When the electrical appliance is working normally, the bimetallic piece is in a free state and the contacts are in a closed/open state. When the temperature reaches the operating temperature, the bimetallic sheet is heated to generate internal stress and moves quickly, opening/closing the contacts, cutting off/connecting the circuit, thereby controlling the temperature. When the appliance cools to the reset temperature, the contacts automatically close/open the circuit and return to normal operating conditions.
KSD301, KSD302 series  temperature control switch
1. Electrical parameters: 1) CQC, VDE, UL, CUL/ AC250V 50~60Hz 5A / 10A / 15A (resistive load)

2) UL AC 125V 50Hz 15A (resistive load)

2. Operating temperature range: 0~240℃ (optional), temperature accuracy: ±2 ±3 ±5 ±10℃

3. Temperature difference between recovery and action: 8~100℃ (optional)

4. Wiring method: plug-in terminal 250# (bent 0~90° optional); plug-in terminal 187# (bent 0~90° optional, thickness 0.5, 0.8mm optional)

5. Service life: ≥ 100000 times

6. Electrical strength: AC 50Hz 1800V for 1 minute, no flicker, no breakdown

7. Contact resistance: ≤50mΩ

8. Insulation resistance: ≥100MΩ

9. Contact form: Normally closed type: When the temperature rises, the contacts are disconnected; when the temperature drops, the contacts are connected;

Normally open type: When the temperature rises, the contacts are connected; when the temperature drops, the contacts are disconnected

10. Shell protection level: IP00

11. Grounding method: Connect the metal shell of the thermostat to the grounded metal parts of the device.

12. Installation method: Just use nuts to reinforce it.

13. Temperature working range: -25℃∽+240℃+1℃∽2℃

It has the characteristics of stable performance, high precision, small size, light weight, high reliability, long life, and little concern about radio interference.

1. When using contact temperature-sensing installation, the metal cover should be close to the installation surface of the controlled heating appliance. To ensure the temperature sensing effect, the temperature sensing surface should be coated with thermal conductive silicone grease or other thermal conductive media with similar properties.

2. During installation, do not collapse, loosen or deform the top of the cover to avoid affecting performance.

3. Do not allow liquid to penetrate into the interior of the thermostat, crack the shell, or change the shape of the external terminals at will.

4. When the product is used in a circuit with a current of no more than 5A, a copper core cross-section of 0. 5-1㎜2 should be selected for connection. For use in circuits with a current of no more than 10A, a copper core cross-section of 0.75-1.5㎜2 should be selected for connection.

5. The product should be stored in a ventilated, clean, dry and corrosive gas-free warehouse with a relative humidity of less than 90% and an ambient temperature of less than 40°C.

KSD301 classification:
It can be divided according to temperature, material, or installation method.

According to the nature of the action: it can be divided into normally open action and normally closed action.

According to the temperature, it can be divided into: 0℃, 5℃, 10℃, 15℃, 20℃, 25℃, 30℃, 35℃, 40℃, 45℃, 50℃, 55℃, 60℃, 65℃, 70℃, 75℃, 80℃, 85℃, 90℃, 95℃, 100℃, 105℃, 110℃, 115℃, 120℃, 125℃, 130℃, 135℃, 140℃, 145℃ , 150℃, 155℃, 160℃, 165℃, 170℃, 175℃, 180℃, 185℃, 190℃, 195℃, 200℃, 205℃, 210℃, 215℃, 220℃, 225℃, 230 ℃, 235℃, 240℃, 245℃, 250℃, 255℃, 260℃, 265℃, 270℃, 285℃, 275℃, 280℃, 290℃, 295℃, 300℃,
According to the material, it can be divided into: bakelite body and ceramic body
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