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Overheating protection switch for lithium battery

Overheating temperature control switch for lithium battery
Both electric skateboards and electric bicycles are widely used vehicles. As an important core component, the battery's protection is also very important. Especially in summer, the battery is particularly prone to overheating. Long-term overheating of the battery will not only lead to a reduction in lifespan but also a safety hazard. Therefore, the overheating temperature control switch of the lithium battery plays a very important role.

The customer is a company specializing in the production and packaging of batteries and battery packs for digital batteries, industrial batteries, power batteries, and energy storage batteries. A national high-tech enterprise that systematically integrates the R&D, production and marketing of lithium batteries. In the near future, it plans to mass-produce electric motorcycle lithium batteries. For long-term use, I decided to find a professional temperature control switch manufacturer to cooperate. The battery specification is 10A/36V. We recommend HCET-A and TB02 temperature switches. After many comparisons, Manager Liu decided to choose the YAXUN temperature switch. In the communication process, in addition to asking about the specific electrical parameter requirements of the lithium battery. To further understand the actual application of the temperature control switch and other special requirements, the customer proposed that the temperature control switch should be small in size and easy to install.

Overheating temperature control switch for lithium battery

After the sample, the customer has stable performance for a period of time and the size is appropriate. At present, orders have been placed in large quantities for production. YAXUN specializes in producing temperature control switches for 20 years. The product has reliable performance and temperature sensitivity and has won praise from customers.
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