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Overheat protection switch for temperature sensing cable

Bimetallic protection switch for cable overheating
Bimetal overheating protection switch for temperature sensing cable - Application examples of temperature switches
The temperature sensing cable is generally used as a temperature detection device, and is also called a line sensing temperature detector. Inside the temperature-sensitive cable are two elastic steel wires, and each steel wire is covered with a layer of temperature-sensitive and insulating material. In the normal monitoring state, the two steel wires are in an insulated state. When the ambient temperature rises to the predetermined operating temperature, the internal temperature sensitive element will have a larger resistance or will be disconnected, and the two wires will be short-circuited. The input module generates an alarm after detecting the short-circuit signal.

Recently, a Russian customer contacted our company and needed to add a small temperature control switch to the temperature sensing cable. Before that, their company used NTC resistors as internal sensitive components. The addition of the temperature switch is a new project. The customer needs to be normally closed at 60 degrees Celsius, and the temperature sensor is required to be disconnected quickly. According to customer requirements, HCET-A, TB02 series bimetallic temperature switches can fully achieve the purpose, and samples will be sent to customers for testing the next day after communication. The principle of adding a temperature switch to the temperature sensing cable is: The temperature switch is connected in series through the connecting wire of the inner core and outer layer of the cable, and the outer layer of the connecting wire is covered with an insulating and heat conducting layer. The insulating and heat-conducting layer is covered with an outer protective layer. The temperature sensing cable sets the temperature detection value of the temperature switch accurately, and when the temperature exceeds the set value of the temperature switch, it outputs a node signal to realize the fire alarm function.

HCET-A and TB02 temperature switches can be used repeatedly in temperature sensing cables. It reduces the frequency of cable replacement, improves the use efficiency, reduces the use cost, and can be used with confidence.
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