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Thermal protection switch for overheating and overcurrent

Temperature switch with thermal fuse
Thermal protection switch for overheating and overcurrent of smart toilet seat
Temperature switch with fuse two-in-one temperature control switch. It is a protector for over-temperature and over-current. It has a secondary protection function, which is safer and more reliable
Smart toilet, I believe everyone is familiar with it. It is a smart home appliance that has been popular in recent years and is very popular among young people. As a smart toilet, there are many functions, such as seat induction, heating, washing, drying, deodorization, and energy saving. Each part is full of technology. While enjoying the convenience brought by technology, safety is also a concern of people. Of course, every part of the smart toilet of good quality now has an overheating and overcurrent protection system. Let's learn about the protection function of the smart toilet seat together today.

Many big-name smart toilet seats now have heating functions. In cold weather, when people go to the toilet, the cold toilet seat brings a lot of trouble to people, and the smart toilet seat can be heated, which also solves a big trouble for people. A heating coil is connected inside the smart toilet seat. The heating power is turned on in winter, and the heating coil is energized to heat the toilet seat. Since the heating coils of some seats will always be heated, the temperature on the seats will get higher and higher, and the skin of the user's buttocks will be burned after the temperature is overheated. The user cannot sit on the toilet for a long time, which greatly affects the user experience. And if the temperature continues to rise, it will cause the seat ring to burn out and even cause safety hazards.

To prevent these problems. The seat ring will select overheating and overcurrent protection switching elements to control its temperature. The function of the temperature control switch is that when the temperature of the seat ring continues to rise, reaching about 45 degrees, the seat temperature protection will automatically turn on and stop heating;
It can be reheated when it drops to about 30°C. The temperature control switch is generally about 45 ℃, the temperature that the human body can withstand. It can prevent the seat ring from heating and scalding.

The temperature control switch model of the toilet seat can choose the HCET-C series. The installation method can directly connect the temperature control switch in series in the circuit, stick it on the heating coil, and fix it. No need to connect to peripheral circuits.

Thermal protection switch for overheating and overcurrent
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