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Temperature switch of water pump

Application examples of bimetal temperature switches:
Water pump is a necessary electrical equipment in people's daily life. If the water pumping is completed but the water pump does not stop running, the water pump may be unable to dissipate heat in the water due to the heating of the coil. At this time, the water pump is easy to burn out. Now many manufacturers of water pumps add temperature switches to the water pumps to solve this problem.

Water pump temperature switch

One of our customers, the American Pump Industry Co., Ltd., is a large-scale pump enterprise integrating independent research and development, production and sales. The company specializes in the research and development, manufacturing and sales of various electric pumps and solar pumps for agriculture, household use, engineering and construction, chemical use, marine use and other fields. The customer found online that we wanted to add a temperature switch to the water pump to solve the problem of dry burning. Initially, the customer just took some samples to try. After a series of experiments, the customer felt that the performance of our temperature switch was very stable, and finally started the formal cooperation a few months later. The customer's affirmation of us is our greatest motivation.

Application of bimetal temperature switch
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