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Common accessories for Thermal Type Breaker

In the late 1980s, in order to adapt to the domestic voltage, the power system was not directly grounded, and the defects of the vacuum switch of the traditional arrester were overcome. A new type of operating overvoltage protection device, the overvoltage protector, has been introduced. Because of its unique function and strong pertinence, it has developed more rapidly after entering 2000. Products that have appeared to date can be divided into five generations according to their protective properties and structural characteristics.

An advanced protection device that limits lightning overvoltage and operating overvoltage is the overvoltage protector, which is primarily a new type of overvoltage protector. It is mainly used to protect the insulation of generators, transformers, vacuum switches, busbars, motors and other electrical equipment from overvoltage.

Common accessories for overvoltage protectors include discharge counters and online monitors.
Voltage counter
The discharge counter, also known as the over-voltage action counter, is a device for real-time and cumulative counting of the operating conditions of over-voltage products. The counter used in the F-type is composed of a casing and a display screen, and has the advantages of economical, simple structure, and no power supply.
Line monitor
The online monitor is an accessory product for overvoltage protectors. Real-time online monitoring of system overvoltage and recording of the time and phase of overvoltage occurrence. In line with the T-type online monitor, you need a power supply to use. Generally equipped with an electronic display. In comparison, the function is more powerful and can be equipped with communication functions.
3E Single Pole Thermal Type Breaker
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