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Application of thermal cutoff switch

How to choose thermal cutoff switch for overheating protection of medical equipment.
The electronic components in the circuit all heat up when they are working, and excessive temperature will cause the equipment to operate abnormally or malfunction. Therefore, a thermal cut-off switch is added to many devices. When the device temperature exceeds the thermal cutoff temperature of protection switch will start the appropriate protection. For example, power off, power on, through the thermal cut-off switch to control the circuit on and off, so that the equipment stops running, heat dissipation, the equipment returns to normal. The thermal cut-off switch ensures the safety of the equipment in operation.

 Thermal cutoff switch

Japan's Biomedical Engineering Co., Ltd. specializes in the manufacture of biological diagnostic reagents, medical equipment, instrumentation computers and accessories. At the beginning of June 2020, I contacted our company online and asked about the thermal cut-off switch used on the heater of medical equipment. The electrical parameters are that 24V/12A requires a small size, and the temperature is controlled at 60°C. And we need to provide the thermal cut-off switch certification and product information. According to the customer's request, the samples were sent out on the same day, and the product was burnt out in the sample test. According to the actual needs of the work, we have successfully solved this problem by setting the thermal cut-off switch current to 14A. Japanese customers first place 5,000 products for trial. During the trial period, our company arranges technicians to solve all overheating protection problems. In July, the customer contacted us again to cooperate with us for a long time.

YAXUN Electronics specializes in the production of thermal cut-off protection switches for medical equipment, and its professional production experience has been praised by the majority of users. From samples to mass production, we have professional personnel responsible for solving customer problems in a timely manner. Help customers improve production efficiency and reduce production costs. Let customers have no worries about the use of thermal cut-off switches.
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