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Application of bimetal thermal fuse

Bimetal thermal fuse
Application of bimetal fuse for heating pad:
As the weather gradually turned cooler, many friends began to prepare for cold protection measures. When it comes to anti-cold items, heating pads are of course indispensable. However, it is not easy to get warm measures to be done well without causing harm to people. Therefore, the bimetal thermal fuse of the heating pad is indispensable as a protection device.

Whether it is a desktop heating pad or a seat heating pad, the function is similar to that of an electric blanket, and the manufacturing process is relatively simple. If used improperly, this product can easily cause a fire. In the process of use, as long as you are not careful, it will short-circuit, causing fire or even explosion. In order to prevent these problems, some regular manufacturers will add bimetal thermal fuses to the heating pad to prevent accidents caused by high temperature phenomena.

India's Electric Heating Co., Ltd. specializes in producing all kinds of electric heating products and is our old customer. Our company has always provided them with overheating protection solutions for car seat cushions, heating clothes, heating gloves and other products. Recently, a bimetal thermal fuse will be installed for their newly developed new heating pad. The engineering department recommends two models of temperature switches according to the performance of customers' products:
HCET-A series bimetal thermal fuse, TB02 series bimetal thermal fuse. These two bimetal thermal fuses can fully meet the protection requirements of heating pads and are now in production.

YAXUN temperature control is a well-known temperature control solution provider in China. The production line of bimetal thermal fuse is complete, which can meet the design needs of different customers. Over the years, YAXUN has served many brands in the temperature control program of heating appliances, and has deep customer trust.

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