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Temperature normally closed thermal cut switch

thermal cut switch
Design the overheat protection of the host, fan and motor -
normally closed thermal cut switch:
KSD9700, TB02, KSD301, 17AM thermal cut is a temperature control and overheating protection function. It is composed of shell, bimetal, static contact, moving contact and other parts. The core component is a bimetal component. Bimetallic strips are widely used in thermal protectors. When the temperature of the two layers of metals with different temperature expansion coefficients composing the bimetal material changes, the deformation between the two layers of metals is mutually restricted, thereby generating unevenly distributed internal stresses between the sections of the bimetallic sheet. This change in stress causes the bimetal to deform, which will drive the contacts on the bimetal to open and control the circuit to turn on and off. If the bimetal is not selected well, the stability of the thermal cut switch will decrease.

Taiwan's professional computer, notebook computer and computer motherboard, optical drive, hard disk and its components, add-on cards, power supply and other computer peripheral products manufacturers. The power consumption of the electronic components in the main box will generate high heat. In order to prevent heat accumulation, fans are installed to cool down. If the fan runs for a long time or is used for a long time, the motor is prone to problems such as bearing wear, misalignment or unstable rotor operation, which will cause the motor to overheat or burn the motor. At this time, the fan is not running, and the fan is not capable of cooling the CPU. After a period of time, the CPU is likely to be burned out due to high ambient temperature. In order to prevent the CPU from burning out due to the fan stopping, a thermal protector should be installed on the fan motor to protect the switch. When the motor overheats due to various reasons, the thermal cut switch disconnects the power supply to protect the motor.

According to the parameters and requirements given by the customer responsible for purchasing thermal cut switch, YAXUN customized a thermal cut switch with a small volume of 55℃ and used it for preliminary testing. After the sample was tested and used, the customer expressed that he was very satisfied with the quality and performance of the thermal cut switch product. Immediately, 10,000 TB02 series thermal cut switches were ordered in batches for the first time. So far, successive batches of thermal cut switches have provided safe, effective and stable protection for the company's fan motors.

The core temperature sensing element of YAXUN bimetal thermal switch adopts imported bimetal. The standardized punching process ensures the stability and reliability of the thermal protector. If you need further information, please feel free to contact the online customer service staff.

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