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thermik s01 cut off switch

Product Item: thermik s01 cut off switch
Category: Miniature thermal protector
ST01 series thermal protector
Product advantages:
• Obtained UL and TUV certification, breaking Germany's thirty-year monopoly protector.
• Good airtightness, which can prevent product failure during the vacuum dipping process.
• Small size, suitable for being buried inside the coil.
• Metal shell, can withstand 50KG coil shaping pressure, has good thermal conductivity, and is sensitive to temperature.
• Pure temperature products, the current does not pass through the two chips, there is no current heating effect, and the temperature control is accurate.

Competitive Advantage :
ST01-U4 ultra-temperature protection thermal protection epoxy encapsulation, more suitable for preventing vacuum impregnation areas. Small size, easy installation. Sensitive, reliable performance, the indicators reached the international advanced level.
ST01 Performance parameters:
Rated operating temperature, 5 degrees to each series (Tk): 60-180 ℃
Standard tolerance: ± 5K
Reset temperature range: two-thirds of operating temperature ± 15K
Maximum operating voltage: 500VAC 60VDC
Current Rating: 250VAC / 5A
Switching frequency at rated current: 5A / 10000
Seismic capacity 10-60HZ: 100m / s2
Pressure stability of housing: 450N (45kg)
Insulation voltage: 2.5KV
Insulating sleeve length a:> 16mm
Diameter d: <9.2mm
Height h: <5mm
Wire cross-sectional area: 0.3mm2 AWG22
Conductor standard length: L1 = L4 = 520 ± 10mm L2 = L3 = 200 ± 5mm L5 = L6 = 55 ± 5mm

Technical Parameters
  With insulation sleeve S01
1 Contact type Usually closed
2 Rated switching temperature (NST) every 5 ℃ 60-200℃
3 Standard tolerance ±5K
4 Reset temperature range according to UL / CSA at rated switching temperature 30K±15K
5 Applied voltage ... AC ... / DC ...500V ~/...100V=
6 Rated voltage, AC 250V|500V
7 Rated current, alternating current cosφ = 1.0 2.5A|0.75A
8 Rated current, alternating current cosφ = 0.6 1.6A|0.50A
9 Number of switches in In and Un conditions 10.000
10 Current sensitivity in In No
11 Maximum switching current at 250V ~ / number of switching 5.0A/2000
12 Contact bounce time < 1ms
13 Contact resistance (refer to MIL-Stand, R5757) < 50mΩ
14 Impregnation resistance (according to Thermik test) Fit
15 Vibration resistance at 10-60Hz 100m/s2
16 Casing pressure stability (special test to maximum) 450N(45kg)
17 High voltage insulation (no C type) 2 kV
18 Protection level I
19 Standard connection lead 0.25mm2
20 Diameter d (with / without insulation sleeve) 9.4/9.0mm
21 Height h (with / without insulation sleeve) 4.8/4.3mm
22 Insulation sleeve length 16mm
23 Screw / -length -
24 Wrench size / maximum torque -
25 Approved according to safety design VDE.UL.BEAB.CSA.SEMKO

UL E305764 873 Motor protection
VDE 40016121 EN60730-2-2 Motor protection
TUV R50109800 EN60730-2-3 Lighting Protection
TUV R50110965 EN60730-2-9 Thermal cut-out
CB CN5785 IEN60730-2-2 Motor protection
CQC CQC05002013372 GB14536.1 GB14536.3 Motor protection Limit and regulating controls
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