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klixon 6AP Motor overload protector

Product Item: klixon 6AP Motor overload protector
Category: Miniature thermal protector
Motor overload protector
1. Small size, suitable for overload protection installation requirements of micro motors
2, to provide the most reliable security protection under state motor stall
3. The combination of bimetallic sheet and heating wire has quick release
4. Very precise trip time to prevent the motor temperature from being too high
5. It has the dual performance of induced current and temperature action
6. Each part strictly implements the environmental protection standards of European ROHS
7. There are many types of terminals, and the installation method can be flexibly selected
8. Special specifications or riveting harness services can be made according to customer requirements

Miniaturization, long life and complete reliability. The use of bimetal materials with good electrical conductivity ensures that they can withstand the requirements of normal loop current. The combination of bimetal and heating wire has fast tripping and very precise trip time to prevent the motor from overheating.

Equipped with dual performance of sensing current and temperature. There are many types of terminals for flexible selection: 6AP-A with one terminal or 6AP-B with two terminals

Each part strictly implements the European ROHS environmental standards, and can produce specific specifications or riveting services according to customer requirements.

HC01 / 6AP wiper motor protection

HC01 (6AP) by current and temperature sensors to protect, has a compact design, long life and reliability characteristics of the terminal provides trouble-free welding materials and a very accurate trip time to prevent the motor overheating products.
Wiper motor protection type:
HC01-D / 6AP

Wiper motor protection temperature:
30 ℃ ~ 180 ° C, available upon request at any temperature within its range.

Wiper motor protection features:
Small size, long life, high reliability, accurate trip time, more flexibility to choose the type of terminal.

Wiper motor protection features:

● Small size, long life and reliability;

● Use good conductive properties of bimetallic material to ensure that it can withstand normal loop current requirements;

● bimetal with heating wire in combination with rapid escape character;

● very accurate trip time, to prevent the motor temperature is too high;

● have induced current and temperature double the performance of the action;

● Each parts are strict implementation of the European ROHS environmental standards;

● There are a variety of terminal types, flexible options are available;

● choose from a variety of Terminal Specifications: A: Insert the same direction, B: different to insert C: with the terminal, D: different to the terminal, E: with the perforated inserts
F: counter-perforated inserts G: with sharp corners
● request to follow certain specifications or riveting production line services;
Wiper motor protection Electrical Specifications:
● 30amps / 15 volts DC
● 15amps / 30 volts DC
● 28amps / 250 volts DC
● 18amps / 125 volts DC

Wiper motor protection Technical parameters:
● Operating temperature range: 30 ℃ - 180 ℃ available upon request at any temperature within its range.
● Temperature Tolerance: ± 3 ℃, ± 5 ℃, ± 8 ℃, ± 10 ℃.
● Select Control overload current trip range: 1 ~ 45A.
● trip time: 4 ~ 10s.
Wiper motor protection applications:
● window motors, sunroof motor, the motor antenna
● wiper motor, sliding gate motor, regulator engine
● a variety of washing machines, vacuum cleaners, garden equipment
● DC
● Trigger lock ...

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