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Product Item: Motor overload protector manufacturer
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5AP/2MP/6AP/ 3MP+PTC/ is a protection switch with dual protection functions of overcurrent and temperature sensing at the same time. It can accurately control the damage to the motor caused by motor stall or excessive current.

[Model]: 5AP/2MP/6AP/ 3MP+PTC/2AM/
[Temperature Range] : 50℃-180℃
[Features]: Small size, suitable for the installation requirements of micro-motor overload protection; Provide the most reliable safety protection when the motor is locked; The combination of bimetallic sheet and heating wire has fast tripping.

Electrical Specifications

25amps/15 volts DC 15amps/30 volts DC

Technical Parameters

Operating temperature range 50℃-180℃, any temperature within its range can be provided according to customer requirements, and wiring harness riveting of motor overload protector can be provided.
Temperature tolerance ±5℃,±8℃
Select the control overload current trip range 1~25A
Protection trip time 4~10s

Scope of application

Window motor, Sunroof motor, seat motor Wiper engine, sliding door engine, regulator engine
Toy motors, DC power tools Overcurrent protection of circuit board

YAXUN Electronics Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of temperature control protectors such as automobile motor protectors, overcurrent protectors, thermal protectors, wiper motor protectors, and window motor protectors. Have a complete and scientific quality management system.

YAXUN vigorously introduced automated production technology from Austria, the United States and other places, and established a complete automated production line; Committed to the development and manufacture of high-reliability protectors in the automotive field! Products are widely used in automotive motors, automotive water tanks, automotive heaters, small household appliances and other switches that require reliable safety protection. It is an overheating and overcurrent protector enterprise with complete specifications in the fields of automobiles and electrical appliances. Become a long-term supplier of many OEM cooperation units around the world.

The necessity of motor overload protection:

When the motor is running, it is generally allowed to overload for a short time (the output power exceeding the rated value is called overload). However, if the overload time is too long and the temperature rise of the motor exceeds the allowable value, it will cause insulation aging, shorten the service life, and even burn the windings in severe cases. Therefore, in order to prevent damage to the motor due to long-term overload operation, the overload time must be limited. This protection is overload protection.

Usually, 5AP/2MP/6AP is used as the motor overload protection device. When in use, connect the thermal element (three-phase or two-phase) of the overload protector in series to the main circuit of the motor. Connect the main contact of the thermal relay to the contactor coil circuit in series.

When the motor overload operation, the current is increased, the heating element temperature rises, the bimetal gently curved, and thus exceeds the predetermined value, and finally open the normally closed contacts, so that the motor coil is deenergized. So as to cut off the power of the motor and avoid the motor from being burnt due to long-term overload operation.
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