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ntc thermistor (Temperature sensing type, Temperature compensation type, Power type) Application and Product Development

1, ntc thermistor material composition:
ntc is Negative Temperature Coefficient acronym, meaning that the negative temperature coefficient, Refers to the great negative temperature coefficient of semiconductor materials or components, The so-called ntc thermistor is the negative temperature coefficient thermistor. It is based on transition metal oxides as the main raw material, The use of advanced ceramic technology made of. These metal oxide materials are of semiconducting nature, Because in the conduction mode is completely similar to germanium, silicon and other semiconductor materials. When the temperature is low, the oxide material has a small number of carriers (electrons and holes)So its resistance value is higher; With the increase of temperature, The number of carriers is increased, The resistance value is lowered.

2, ntc thermistor resistance range:
ntc thermistor at room temperature in the range of 10O ~ 1000000 ohms,Temperature coefficient -2% ~ -6.5%. With these characteristics,Its resistance with the temperature characteristics of the change:

ntc thermistor
  [A], the nonlinear temperature characteristics
  [B], Y axis is logarithmic coordinates very close to the actual temperature characteristics

The correct selection ntc thermistor / temperature sensor need to consider the following:

3, the first clear product applications:
(1). Temperature measurement (ntc thermistor, temperature sensor MF52)
(2). ntc temperature compensation (temperature-type MF12, MF11)
(3). Inrush current suppression (power type ntc thermistor MF72)

4. ntc thermistor sensor temperature measurement (MF52)
As a measure of temperature thermistor sensor general structure is relatively simple, the price is relatively low. A thermistor with no external protective layer can only be used in a dry place; Sealed thermistor is not afraid of the erosion of moisture, can be used in more harsh environments. As the resistance of the thermistor sensor larger, So the resistance of the connecting wire and contact resistance can be ignored, So the thermistor sensor can be up to several kilometers long distance measurement of temperature applications, themeasurement circuit using the bridge. Using its principle can also be used as other temperature, temperature control circuit.

5. ntc thermistor for temperature compensation (MF11 / MF11)
Thermistor sensor in a certain temperature range of some components to compensate for the humidity. For example, the moving coil in the meter head is made of copper wire. Temperature increases, resistance increases, causing temperature error. Which can be in the dynamic loop of the negative temperature coefficient of the thermistor and manganese copper wire resistance in parallel and then compensated components in series, Thereby canceling the errors caused by the temperature change. Such as: transistor circuit,

6. Power-type ntc thermistor selection principle (MF72)
In order to avoid the electronic circuit in the boot instantaneous surge current generated, In the power supply circuit in series with a power type ntc thermistor, Can effectively curb the boot when the surge current. And after completion of the inrush current suppression, As a result of the ongoing action of its current, The resistance of the power type thermistor will drop to a very small extent. It consumes power can be ignored, Will not affect the normal operating current. So the power circuit in the use of power-type ntc thermistor, Is to suppress the boot surge current protection of electronic equipment from the destruction of the most simple and effective measures.

7. ntc thermistor Package form
(1) ntc thermistor Package:
   1. Epoxy encapsulation: resistant to moisture, high dielectric strength, operating temperature -40 ℃ ~ +125 ℃
   2. Silicone encapsulation: high dielectric strength, operating temperature -40 ℃ ~ +200 ℃, moisture resistance in general.
   3. Glass package: resistant to moisture, high dielectric strength, high temperature, operating temperature -40 ℃ ~ +350 ℃.
(2) ntc temperature sensor - Lead Type:
  1. Bare metal wire: because no external insulation, so the operating temperature depends on the temperature of the packaging material to bear.
  2. PVC electronic wire: Operating temperature -40 ℃ ~ (90-110) ℃.
  3. Teflon wire: working temperature -40 ℃ ~ +220 ℃.
   4. Silicone electronic wire: Operating temperature -40 ℃ ~ +250 ℃.
  5. High temperature fluorine plastic line: working temperature -40 ℃ ~ + 150 ℃.
  US-made wire standard AWG and metric, English units control)

8, ntc thermistor temperature sensor Applications:
Yaxun electronic professional supply: civil kitchen cooking Induction Cooker, Soymilk, electric oven, rice cooker, bread machine, electric kettle, coffee pot, dishwasher, disinfecting cabinet household appliances refrigeration air conditioners, heaters, electric water heaters, soft Towel, Refrigerator, Freezer, Washing Machine, Dryer, Water Dispenser, Solar System Other Household Electronic Thermometer, Electric Iron, Hair Iron, Hair Dryer, Coin Dryer, Warm Bed, Warmer, Warmer, Sealer OA Air conditioning systems, brake systems, food transport refrigeration equipment, air conditioning systems, air conditioning systems, air conditioning systems, air conditioners, air conditioners, air conditioners, air coolers, Temperature control, temperature instrumentation, ice-making machine, food processing and packaging machinery, liquid level detection Agricultural greenhouse cultivation, tobacco drying, poultry incubator, barbecue culture equipment, granary temperature regulation medical equipment, industrial equipment, industrial thermostatic bath, industrial bath temperature monitoring, Skin surface and in vivo temperature measurement, incubator, bacteria incubator other functional uses
ntc thermistor for temperature compensation (MF11 / MF11) Applications:
Temperature compensation, CCD camera / PIR infrared sensor temperature compensation application circuit design: microcontroller temperature measurement, temperature control, overheating protection. Yaxun Electronics professional, the use of electronic components, temperature compensation, electronic components, Production of temperature compensation type ntc
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