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Automotive Water Temperature Sensor & Water temperature induction Stopper Function Description

one.  Water Temperature Sensor is widely used in a variety of vehicles:
Ford | Mazda | Porsche | Volvo | Honda | Hutton | Suzuki | Daihatsu | Isuzu | Subaru | Audi | Suzuki | Mitsubishi | Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. Mercedes | BMW | excavators, construction vehicles, LADA cars | SEAT
two .CNC custom car Water Temperature Sensor copper thread interface:
M8 * 0.75, 3/8 * 19 BSP, NPT 1/8, 1/8 GAS, 3/8 GAS, M12, M14, M16 * 1.5, M18, M20, M22 Copper threaded interface Water Temperature Sensor

Automotive water temperature sensor plug
three. Automotive Water Temperature Sensor working principle:
The inside of the sensor is a semiconductor thermistor, The lower the temperature, the greater the resistance; The higher the temperature, the smaller the resistance, Installed in the engine cylinder block or cylinder cover on the water, Direct contact with the cooling water, Thereby obtaining the temperature of the engine cooling water. The electronic control unit measures the temperature of the engine cooling water according to the change, The lower the temperature, the greater the resistance; The higher the temperature, the smaller the resistance. The electronic control unit measures the temperature of the engine cooling water according to the change, As the fuel injection and ignition timing of the correction number. Simply put, that is, we can understand the temperature of the engine water temperature is now running the state of the car,  Stop or movement, Or how long the exercise time.

Four. Water Temperature Sensor role has two:
1, instrument panel thermometer (total) shows the engine operating temperature.
2. Fuel injection system ECU correction fuel injection (air-fuel ratio).
No matter what kind of its internal structure are thermistors, Its resistance is between 275 ohms and 6500 ohms. And the lower the temperature the higher the resistance; The higher the temperature, the lower the resistance.
The first category,  the role of Water Temperature Sensor is relatively simple. Is through its internal resistance changes To change the current through the change To drive changes in water temperature change, Indirect tell people the engine operating temperature.
The second category,  the Water Temperature Sensor from the structural perspective there is no change, But its role is to provide a temperature control of the engine control unit of the analog signal. Its supply voltage is provided by the control unit 5V power supply,The signal returned to the control unit is a linearly varying signal of 1.3V to 3.8V. The main role is to tell the engine control unit is now the number of temperature. In turn, its signal for the control unit and its important. Mainly the engine at different working temperatures have different methods of work.
water temperature sensor
Five fault performance cases:

1, the detection of water temperature for the computer to provide fuel injection basis, When the water temperature is low, It works abnormally, Engine working abnormally. If the Water Temperature Sensor is damaged, The computer can not detect the water temperature signal. A standby program (water temperature 80 °) is also provided to prevent engine stoppage, But this time the engine can not work, Cold start difficult
2, 86 degrees below the engine than the normal temperature of more than 10% of the fuel spray. The purpose is to allow the engine to heat up quickly to reduce the engine's low temperature wear. While the temperature rose to 86 degrees or more and then let the engine less spray some oil, Let the temperature of renewable slowly.
So its role is very important. If he had a problem, The engine control unit is provided with an erroneous signal. For example, in the hot car when the engine provides low-temperature signal on your car is more than a little oil spray, So it seems a little waste oil.
3, when the Water Temperature Sensor failure, Often cold start when the car is still showing the temperature of the hot signal. ECU can not get the signal to provide too thick mixture, Can only supply a thinner mixture of the engine (hot car signal), So the engine cold car is not easy to start. In this case, check the Water Temperature Sensor plug contact is normal or replace the Water Temperature Sensor.
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