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Yaxun single-ended glass sealed thermistor resistance completely replace Japan Shibaura

Japan Shibaura Electronics Co., Ltd. is one of the largest top-level NTC thermistor manufacturer in the world, Its outstanding quality and high stability for the industry recognized. In the rapid development of China's economy for decades, thermistor relatively backward technology, Japan Shibaura thermistor in China account for a large market share. After 2010, Chinese imports of decreasing the number of thermistors, Japan Shibaura reduced from China accounted for 60% of the market from the current 10%.

Wherein Shibaura Corporation (Japan) developed by PSB series single-ended glass sealed NTC thermistor, Axial lead component is hermetically sealed glass envelope. Its high-precision product quality and stability, Widely used in the Chinese market, Glass enclosure size O1.1mm, Element total length 9.5mm, Wherein PSB-H Series B values ​​and resistance accuracy are ± 1%, R25 is 2 ~ 5kΨ, Operating temperature -60 ~ + 300 ℃, B value of 3400 ~ 4200K.   
B range / K3100 ~ 46653435 ~ 4390
B error of ± 1%
    Shibaura single-ended glass sealed thermistor main models: PX3-42H -%, PX-42H-% PXN-42H-% PT3-51F-K14, PT-25E2-S1, PT3-312-S1, PTN-25E2-K19 , PB-41D ​​-%, PT-36F-% PX-41C-% PX-42H-% PX-51A-% PX-51G-% PT3-36F-% PX3-41C-% PX3-42H-% PX3-51A -% PX3-51G-% PTN-36F-% PXN-41C-% PXN-42H-% PXN-51A-% PXN-51G-% PTN3-36F-% PXN3-41C-% PXN3-42H-% PXN3-51A -% PXN3-51G-%

     Yaxun Electronics is the early production NTC thermistor professional manufacturers. It is the early production NTC thermistor professional manufacturers.  Produced by NTC thermistor are widely used in a variety of handheld devices and miniaturization of electronic devices, Also widely used in various temperature measurement and temperature compensation case. my company produced NTC thermistor have low prices and excellent quality, can replace such Shibaura, TDK, EPCOS board foreign brands.

  my company am using the formula of high-tech design, fine powder (particle size of not more than 1μm) raw material, isostatic pressing. Under strictly controlled (controlled by computer) sintering conditions, Baking larger size NTC sensitive body, then cut into small pieces, and then form an electrode surface grinding, packaging.Or by rolling green sheets made of membrane processes. and then sintered to form an electrode, cut into small pieces before and after the (chip). This will not only get high-precision, high reliability and good product consistency, But also greatly improve the long-term stability and interchangeability thermistor.

With the development of Chinese science and technology, the measurement, control accuracy requirements are also rising, Use of the environment and more harsh, high-precision, high-reliability NTC element is also increasing demand, my company developed a high temperature NTC thermistor material: First, in the conventional transition metal oxide, by adding ZrO2, Al2O3, Cr2O3 and other components can withstand high temperatures to form a solid solution with spinel, Its working temperature can reach 700 ℃, resistance d = 10 ~ 105Ψ • cm, ~ 1700K. The second is the use of SiC, B = 1200 diamond and other non-oxide material, wherein the SiC has been successful.

1. Yaxun Electronics Description:
MF51 glass sealed NTC thermistor temperature measurement is the use of new materials, new technology, the small size of the glass sealed NTC thermistor, has the advantage of high precision and fast response.
2. Application:
• Air conditioning • Heating equipment • Electronic thermometer • Level sensing • Automotive • electronic calendar • Mobile phone battery
3. Features:
• High precision • Small, fast response • long time stability • interchangeability, good consistency
A: Dimensions Fig.

 Single-ended glass-sealed thermistor
model D L1max L2 d±0.05  
MF51-2.80 2.80±0.20 4.40 30±5 50±5 0.28
MF51-1.80 1.80±0.20 3.80 30±5 50±5 0.23
MF51-1.50 1.5±0.20 2.00 30±5 50±5 0.21
MF51-1.25 1.25±0.20 1.80 30±5 50±5 0.21
MF51-1.20 1.20±0.20 1.80 30±5 50±5 0.21
MF51-0.70 0.70±0.20 1.20 30±5 50±5 0.15
Another: Dmax = 0.90mm, Dmax = 1.75mm, Dmax = 1.95mm Product  
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