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(IECEE) CB Certified bimetallic thermostat / thermal protection

bimetallic thermostat | thermal protection  is a thermal safety protection element,Its quality is directly related to electrical safety and property. bimetallic thermostat | thermal protection  safety certification and other elements vary.It is not only the need for structural and material safety testing,It also includes the need for electrical and mechanical properties, including durability testing various properties.
 International Electrotechnical Commission IEC product safety certification organization (IECEE) CB Board (CCB) has developed a unity among the members can replace each certificate --CB test certificate. A certification and accreditation by the national certification body document, Together with the attached test report,
Used to notify other countries, or certification bodies, Bimetallic thermostat | sample thermal protection products in accordance with certain criteria have been adopted by IECEE were tested,And prove that (some) bimetallic thermostat | thermal protection  in line with the standards. CB Test Certificate has been made of bimetallic thermostat | thermal protection, Can more easily enter markets in other countries or regions with the standard system, Also it can be relatively easily converted to safety certification in these countries.Members of the CB system total of more than 30,Most industrialized countries in North America and Europe are its members, China is also one of its members.
bimetallic thermostat | thermal protection  by CB certification What are the benefits, why CB certification?

  If your product is then exported to the EU,Then you have to use by CB Certified bimetallic thermostat | thermal protection,Benefit is to allow you to have more European customers, if your client in contrast to You and a supplier,If your company's products use CB certification temperature switch and others do not,
Then the customer will choose your company's production.CB certified products to enter the EU market permits and passports!

  CB Certified bimetallic thermostat
My company in order to meet the requirements of EU products,
My company bimetal thermostat | thermal protection by (IECEE) CB safety certification, Welcome friends to inquire.

  My company bimetallic thermostat | thermal protection  application (IECEE) CB safety certification basic process:
Technical testing and certification documents need to be prepared
1. product manual.
2. Technical conditions (standard or enterprise), the establishment of technical information.
3. products electrical schematics, wiring diagrams, block diagram
4. The key components or raw materials list (please use the certification mark are produced in Europe).
5. Machine component parts or certified copy of the book.
6. Other necessary information.

bimetallic thermostat | thermal protection  testing and certification process
The first step: Application Application
1. Fill in the application form
2. Applicant Information Sheet
3. To provide product information
Step two: bimetal thermostat | thermal protection quote Quotation
Determine the test standards, testing time and costs based on the information provided
The third step: Payment Pay
After confirming that the applicant quotes, signed application form and filing service agreement and pay the full project costs.
Step Four: Providing bimetallic thermostat | thermal protection  samples
Step Five: Testing Testing laboratories under the relevant EU product testing standards for the application for a full test model and related differences in test
Step Six: Test report is completed
Step Seven: the project is completed, a certificate issued by CB
The factory reserves CB Product Type Test Reports Test Report
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