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Dongguan Yaxun Electronic Hardware Product Co., Ltd. _ formally launched a new website

After years of rapid development, in order better to show my company's brand image.
To allow customers to better understand our products.Promote our products better sales network .Dongguan Yaxun Electronic Hardware Product Co., Ltd. formally launched a new website,We hope that the majority of new and old customers visit guidance.
Our products are as follows:Our products are divided into three sectors, namely the production of sales products are as follows: thermal protection, fuse, temperature fuse, NTC temperature sensor.

Thermal protection of leading products: bimetal sudden jump thermostat, defrost thermostat, power thermostat, liquid expansion capillary thermostat, battery thermal protection, motor temperature control switch, adjustable temperature switches, overload protection, temperature control switch delay reset, automotive copper thread thermostat. complete product specifications.

Fuse sectors Products: miniature fuse, current fuse glass, ceramic tube current fuse, SMD fuses, fuse resistors, square fuse, car fuses, resettable Fuses, temperature fuse fuse and various ancillary products.

NTC sensor industry sector Main products: thermal resistance, temperature sensors, temperature sensors, automotive head copper thread sensor, PTC sensors, power thermistors
     At present our products has been replaced in many occasions EPCOS (EPCOS), Tamura (Murata), Ishizuka (Semitec), TDK, Vishay (Vishay), Emerson (Emerson Therm-O-Disc), special forces (LF ) and other foreign company's products,Our product line with independent intellectual property core technology,Has a number of national invention and utility model patents,A number of products have been identified as "high-tech products."
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