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What is the temperature switch characteristic?

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The temperature switch is an overheat protection switch that uses a bimetallic strip as the temperature sensing element.
When the appliance is working normally, the bimetal is in a free state and the contacts are closed / open. When the temperature rises to the operating temperature value, the bimetallic element is heated to generate internal stress and act quickly, opening / closing the contact and cutting / closing the circuit, thereby playing a thermal protection role. When the temperature drops to the reset temperature, the contact automatically closes / opens, and the normal working state is restored. Widely used in household appliances motors and electrical equipment, such as washing machine motors, air conditioner fan motors, transformers, ballasts, electric appliances, etc.

Application of temperature switch
The temperature switch has the characteristics of small volume, shell insulation, sensitive action and long life. It is widely used in various motors, induction cookers, vacuum cleaners, coils, transformers, heaters, ballasts, electric appliances, fluorescent lamp ballasts, automobile motors, integrated circuits and general electrical equipment overheating and overcurrent dual protection.

Classification of temperature switch
By model: BW9700, KW9700, TB02, KSD9700, ST-22, AMT, RS9700, KSD01F, JUC31F, JUC1M;
According to the brand, it can be divided into: TB02 small temperature switch, Emerson temperature switch, NEC temperature switch;
Divided by temperature: 0 ~ 300 degrees, one file every 5 °;
According to the nature of action: normally open and normally closed;
According to the shell material, it can be divided into: bakelite body, plastic body, iron shell, ceramic body.

Temperature switch used in automobiles

Technical parameters of temperature switch:
1. Electrical parameters: 1) CQC, VDE, UL, CUL, CE. AC250V 50 ~ 60Hz 5A / 10A / 15A (resistive load)
2) UL AC 125V 50Hz 15A (resistive load)
2. Operating temperature range: 0 ~ 240 ℃ (optional), temperature accuracy: ± 2 ± 3 ± 5 ± 10 ℃
3. Temperature difference between reply and action: 8 ~ 100 ℃ (optional)
4. Wiring method:
Plug terminal 250 # (bend 0 ~ 90 ° optional);
Plug terminal 187 # (bending 0 ~ 90 ° optional, thickness 0.5, 0.8mm optional)

5. Service life: ≥ 100000 times
6. Electrical strength: AC 50Hz 1800V for 1min, no flicker, no breakdown
7. Contact resistance: ≤50mΩ
8. Insulation resistance: ≤100MΩ

9. Contact method of silver contacts:
Normally closed type: the temperature rises, the contact is disconnected, the temperature drops, and the contact is connected;

Normally open type: temperature rises, contacts turn on, temperature drops, contacts break

10. Shell protection level: IP00
11. Grounding method: Connect to the metal parts of the device through the metal shell of the thermostat.
12. Installation method:
KSD301 series install ordinary movable ring, install small round movable ring, install flat movable ring, ordinary large aluminum cover with mounting hole, and extended aluminum cover with mounting hole.
13. Temperature working range: -25 ℃ ∽ + 240 ℃ + 1 ℃ ∽2 ℃

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