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Temperature control switch of inverter welding machine

Temperature control switch of inverter welding machine
AIRPAX 6700 and JUC-31 temperature control switches are used in inverter welding machines

Inverter welding machines are more energy-efficient and lighter than ordinary welding machines, so the development is also very fast. Its quality and reliability are also an important reason for development. The reliability and durability depend on the heat dissipation and overheating protection technology of high-power transistors. Therefore, in order to ensure the service life and use effect of the inverter welding machine, overheating protection is a very important issue. Today I will study with you the overheating protection method of the inverter welding machine, as well as the protective components AIRPAX 6700, JUC-31 temperature control switch.

At present, the high-power transistors used in inverter welding machines mostly use IGBTs and MOSFETs. When the output current of the inverter welding machine is supplied to the welding work, the high-power transistor consumes its own power. When the transistor is working at full load, it will produce a higher power loss density. A radiator can be used to solve this problem. The heat sink can quickly dissipate the heat converted from the power consumption of the transistor from the substrate

The heat sink is to ensure the reliable operation of the transistor under normal conditions. If the ambient temperature is very bad, or the heat dissipation is poor, it can still cause the transistor to overheat and fail. In order to prevent the transistor from being burnt out under abnormal working conditions, a temperature-controlled switch must be added to the circuit. The temperature control switch is used to detect the base of the transistor module. When the temperature exceeds the set temperature, the temperature switch cuts off the input signal until the temperature of the transistor module reaches the normal value, and the circuit returns to the normal working state. The model of the temperature control switch is JUC-31F, which is used as a contact snap-type plastic-encapsulated thermostat. Adopt international TO220/Y220 standard package. Product installation is very convenient.
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