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Notices for Installation and Use of Temperature Control Switches

Temperature control switch use precautions

Closed temperature control switch
When using a sealed temperature control switch, the metal cover should be placed close to the mounting surface of the device being controlled. In order to achieve good temperature sensing effect, it is better to coat the temperature sensitive surfacewith thermal conductive silicone grease or other medium with thermal conductivity. When installing the temperature control switch, pay attention to the force when pressing. If the top of the temperature control switch cover is collapsed, or it is loose or deformed, it will affect its performance and precision.
During use, the inside of the temperature control switch cannot be inserted into the liquid. Can not make the shell crack, more can not arbitrarily change the shape of the external terminal of the switch, to avoid affecting the electrical reliability of the switch. In the installation position of the switch, insulation protection measures should be taken to prevent electricity leakage accidents.
KKSD301 Closed temperature control switch   17AM Closed temperature control switch

Open temperature control switch
When installing and using the open temperature control switch, do not touch the shrapnel and the temperature sensitive part, otherwise it will lead to inaccurate temperature of the protector, poor contact and abnormal operation.
The amount of outside air and the dust deposited on the surface will affect the sensitivity of the temperature control switch, so it is best to point the contact to the leeward side during installation. The temperature control switch should be operated in an environment with a relative humidity of less than 90% and stored in an environment with a temperature of 40 ° C and a ventilated, dry, non-corrosive gas.
Electric iron thermostat     Open temperature control switch

Temperature control switch installation points
Many home appliances are used at the same time and are used for a long time. In particular, the use of high-powered household appliances can easily cause overload of electrical lines, causing faults such as short-circuiting of wires, causing fires. The temperature control switch is made of alloy in the insulating case, and will automatically disconnect after the ambient temperature reaches the set temperature, so as to cut off the circuit can effectively prevent the home appliance from catching fire.
Proper installation of the temperature control switch can effectively prevent fires in household appliances and industrial electrical equipment: The temperature control switch will be integrated into the circuit of the appliance. The two leads in the unit are connected by proper mounting. Under normal conditions, when the ambient temperature reaches the set temperature, the inside of the bimetal will jump and disconnect the line, thus cutting off the current and preventing the temperature from rising.
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