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Dismantling steps of KSD301 electric kettle temperature control switch

1. The kettle handle is closed by the clip. You can use a thin screwdriver to open the closed part, and if you show the screw, you can unscrew it. A thin screwdriver can be used to pry open the closed part, and the screw can be screwed off if it unscrew. If it can't be displayed, try pushing the handle up and down, and the handle can be disassembled.

2 , The position covered by the handle is in the position of the top cover of the kettle, and the top of the natural kettle can be disassembled. If the handle is fixed and not the clip, remove the handle. The top cover is the clip. You can remove the top cover and screw it off with a short handle screwdriver. General household kettle apart screws on the bottom of the pot body remove the rear case. You will see that the thermostat is fixed on the heating plate by two screws to remove it and reload it. Pay attention to the positioning points on the hot plate when going up.

There is also a kind of immersion heating tube, then first disassemble the plastic shell and then remove the temperature control device above the handle. Also pay attention to the connection between the switch link and the thermostat

120°C anti-dry KSD301

Temperature control switch disassembly icon

The quality of this electric kettle is good, the only regret is that the steam temperature control switch is broken. (The water boils, the steam passes through the small hole, deforming a bimetal, pushing the switch back, and a switch contact is broken). After the water is boiled, it can only be manually powered off, which is very troublesome. I bought a KSD301 95 degree normally closed temperature switch, which is installed at the bottom for control.  Do not choose 100 degrees, otherwise the water will boil and the temperature control switch will not be disconnected for a long time. The water at 95 degrees just jumped. If you have 97 degrees, or you can buy a few 95 degrees, it is ideal. This switch has a positive and negative temperature difference of 10% which is normal. Installed, boiled water is normal, and the water is automatically turned off after the water is turned on. If you don't take it down, the temperature drops again in 20 minutes and starts to burn. It can not be considered shortcomings, and even have a thermal insulation function
KSD301 electric kettle temperature control switch

95°C Kettle Thermal Protector KSD301
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