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What is the motor current overload protection?

Overcurrent protection, Is used for motor current overload protection device. When it enters the setup state, The relay within the protector will be released automatically, Protector exit protection status, Effectively preventing misoperation of the motor in the set state. Can be on the electrical system, squirrel-cage motor, Winding motor over-current, short circuit, phase loss, phase imbalance, Phase error and start-up process (to avoid over-current) to provide effective protection.
1>. Overload protector is often referred to as:
Torque holders, Power protection, Torque clutch, torque clutch, limiter, axial load overload protection, Torque limiters, safety clutches, Safety coupling, limit clutch, Clutch limiter, Ball clutch, Friction clutch.
2>. The role of overload protection:
Commonly used in the installation of the power transmission in the main, Passive side, When an overload fault occurs (torque exceeds the set value)The torque limiter will produce separation, Thus effectively protecting the drive machinery and load;
3>. The common function form is:Friction torque limiters and ball-type torque limiters. Torque limiter installation structure in the form of:Shaft - shaft, shaft - flange, shaft - timing pulley, shaft - sprocket, shaft - gear, shaft - pulley and so on.
4>. Overload protector principle
   The overload protector is sampled by the current transformer, So that each phase load current is converted into a proportional voltage signal, The signal and all the control signals into the microprocessor, Microprocessors continue to collect, calculate and store signals, And compared with the corresponding conditions, And then output the results.

5>. Protection of overload protector
  1, compound type:Will be a variety of protection together.
2, limited power type:Limit the total power of the output. In this case,
3, rewind type:The initial current is constant, The voltage drops to a certain value and the current begins to decrease. In this case,
4, break the type:After overcurrent, Current voltage drops to 0, And then began to rise again and again. In this case,
5, constant fashion:Current constant, Voltage drop.
● Overload protection   ● Underload protection   ● Stall protection   ● Block protection   ● Temperature protection   ● Phase sequence protection
● Undervoltage protection   ● Overvoltage protection   ● Start time-out protection  ● Phase protection  ● Unbalanced protection
  ● Short-circuit protection  ● Phase loss protection   ● Phase imbalance protection  ● Phase protection
Current overload protection
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