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What is the defrost thermostat?

Defrost thermostat is to control the refrigerator defrost equipment, Through the defrost thermostat control refrigerator freezer inside the defrost heating wire, So that the refrigerator will not freeze the frozen evaporator, To ensure that the refrigerator freezer to work properly. If the defrost temperature is set to -15 ° C, When the temperature of the refrigerator is below -15 ° C, Start defrosting.
Defrost Thermostat Category:
liquid expansion type:
Metal expansion and liquid expansion thermostat such as bimetallic thermostat
Mechanical type:
Vapor pressure type and gas adsorption type thermostat such as pressure type thermostat
Electronic type:
Resistive and thermocouple thermostats such as electronic thermostat
Only the refrigerator with automatic frost function (that is,  air-cooled refrigerator) is equipped with a defrost timer. Thermostat temperature sensor to detect the temperature inside the refrigerator to control the compressor start and stop, So that the refrigerator temperature control in a certain range so that the refrigerator to normal use (all the refrigerator has a thermostat).
Technical parameters: <Bimetal technical parameters and product development>

Bimetal defrosting thermostat   Mechanical defrost thermostat working principle

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