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What is Capillary temperature control switch?

The temperature control switch is physically deformed inside the switch according to the temperature change of the working environment, thereby generating some special effects. An automatic control element that generates an on or off action is called a temperature control switch. Also called temperature protector or temperature controller, referred to as temperature controller. In terms of air conditioning, the temperature controller is an electrical switching device that controls the temperature of the air-conditioned room. The temperature range in the air-conditioned room controlled by the temperature controller is generally between 18 ° C and 28 ° C. The commonly used temperature controller for window air conditioners is to push the contacts on and off by the principle of pressure action. The structure consists of a bellows, a temperature sensing package (test tube), an eccentric wheel, a micro switch, etc., a sealed induction system and a system for transmitting signal power.

2.5 A +105°C Resettable Thermal Fuse, 250V

There are two general control methods:
One is controlled by the temperature change of the object to be cooled, and a vapor pressure type temperature controller is often used.
The other is controlled by the temperature difference of the object to be cooled, and an electronic temperature controller is often used.

The thermostat is divided into:
Mechanical type is divided into: Vapor pressure type thermostat, liquid expansion type thermostat, gas adsorption type thermostat, metal expansion type thermostat.
The vapor pressure type thermostat is further divided into: Inflatable, liquid-gas mixed and liquid filled. Household air conditioners are mainly based on such thermostats.
Electronic type is divided into:Resistive thermostat and thermocouple thermostat.

The role of the circuit system:
The function of temperature control switch in air conditioner circuit system is to control the normal and multifunctional operation of air conditioner and protect the normal operation of compressor and fan motor.
The components of the circuit system mainly include:
The temperature controller, the thermal protector, the main control switch, the running capacitor, the operating capacitor of the fan motor, and the like are fixed in the control box. The picture on the left shows the electrical circuit diagram of a single-cooled air conditioner. The role of the temperature controller is simply to control the start and stop of the compressor.

Designing the electrical circuit diagram of a single-cooling air conditioner
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