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Thermal Protector Principle

With the development of technology, electronic products are expanding, and electrical accidents are not uncommon. Voltage instability, voltage sudden change, surge, line aging, lightning and other equipment damage is countless. Therefore, Bimetallic Thermal protector switch s have emerged as the times require. greatly reducing the burning of equipment caused by various reasons, reducing the life of equipment, and even endangering personal safety. This article mainly explains the Bimetallic Thermal protector switch and introduces the principle of the Bimetallic Thermal protector switch in detail.

1, thermal protector - introduction
The thermal protector belongs to a temperature control component. When the temperature in the line is too high, the thermal protector is triggered to disconnect the circuit, so as to avoid the occurrence of equipment burning or even electrical accidents; When the temperature drops to the normal range, the circuit closes and resumes normal operation. The thermal protector has self-protection function and has the advantages of adjustable protection range, wide application range, convenient operation and high pressure resistance. Has been widely used in washing machines, air conditioners, ballasts, transformers and other electrical equipment.
thermal protector - introduction

2, thermal protector - classification
Thermal protectors have different classification methods according to different classification standards. According to the different volume, it can be divided into a large-volume thermal protector, a conventional thermal protector and an ultra-thin thermal protector; According to the nature of the action, it can be divided into a normally open action type thermal protector and a normally closed action type thermal protector; According to the different recovery methods, it can be divided into self-resetting thermal protectors and non-self-resetting thermal protectors. Among them, the self-recovery thermal protector refers to the temperature is too high, so that after the thermal protector is disconnected, when the temperature is lowered again to the normal range, the thermal protector can automatically return to the original state to make the circuit conductive. This type of function is not possible with a self-resetting thermal protector and can only be manually restored, so a self-resetting thermal protector has a wider range of applications than a non-self-resetting type.
thermal protector - classification

3, the principle of thermal protector
The thermal protector is circuit protected by a bimetal. Initially, the bimetal is in contact and the circuit is turned on. When the temperature of the circuit is gradually increased, since the bimetal has different coefficients of thermal expansion, the deformation occurring when heated is different. Therefore, when the temperature rises to a certain critical point, the bimetal becomes separated and the circuit is broken to complete the protection function for the circuit. However, due to the working principle of the thermal protector, it is important not to force, pull or twist the lead during its installation and use.
principle of thermal protector
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