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Product Item: TAMURA Microtemp Thermal Fuse Supplier
Category: Tamura Thermal Fuse
Notes on the installation of thermal fuse:
1. When using lead bending, it should be bent from a part more than 6 mm from the root; When bending, do not damage the roots and leads, and do not pull, press, or twist the leads forcibly.
2. When the thermal fuse is fixed by screws, riveting or binding posts, it should be able to prevent mechanical creep and poor contact.
. The connecting parts should be able to work reliably within the working range of the electrical product without displacement due to vibration and shock.
4. When welding the lead wire, the heating humidity should be limited to a minimum, and no high temperature should be applied to the thermal fuse; Do not forcibly pull, press, or twist thermal fuses and leads; After welding, it should be cooled for more than 30 seconds immediately.
5. The thermal fuse can only be used under the conditions of the specified rated voltage, current and specified temperature. Pay particular attention to the maximum continuous temperature that the thermal link can withstand.
Note: Nominal current, lead length and temperature can be Designed according to customer requirements.


N-F Series
Product Features

     Fusing temperature thermal fuse accurate, high withstand voltage, small size, and temperature resistance.
     Belonging unrecoverable type thermal fuses. Temperature fuse melting off, even if the surrounding temperature falls, it will not be turned on.
     Use insulating housing.
     No lead (Pb) and cadmium (Cd), and comply with RoHS.
     REACH does not contain the specified 46 categories SVHC (SVHC).
Product Size
microtemp thermal fuse

Cable length Dimensions (mm)
Standard N-F 4.1±0.1 5.2±0.1 2.0±0.1 0.53±0.05 36±3.0
Long N-F(L) 4.1±0.1 5.2±0.1 2.0±0.1 0.53±0.05 68±3.0

Model Rated temperature
Operating temperature
Rated current
Rated voltage
maintaining the temperature
Maximum temperature limit
N06F 65 61±3 1.0  AC250 50 200
N0F 76 72±3 1.0  AC250 50 200
N1F 86 81±2 1.0  AC250 60 200
N2F 102 98±3 1.0  AC250 75 200
N3F 115 111±2 1.0  AC250 95 200
N4F 127 123±2 1.0  AC250 105 200
N13F 133 129±3 1.0  AC250 105 200
N5F 136 131±2 1.0  AC250 100 200
N6F 139 134±2 1.0  AC250 110 200
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