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How to measure the quality of the refrigerator pressure thermostat switch

refrigerator pressure thermostat switch
When the temperature inside your refrigerator is too high or too low, then you should check if the thermostat is abnormal.

The thermostat can be used to adjust the temperature inside the refrigerator. In different seasons, the internal temperature of the refrigerator needs to be adjusted, and the thermostat of the refrigerator plays a role in regulating the internal temperature of the refrigerator. Then there are those symptoms when the refrigerator thermostat is broken!

If the thermostat switch is damaged in the closed state, the refrigerator will not run.
1, inspection method:
If the cooling is good but does not stop, you can conclude that the thermostat is damaged.
2, the solution:
You can purchase the same type of thermostat replacement. It is also possible to purchase a refrigerator timer to control the power on/off, and it is also convenient to use.

If the thermostat switch is damaged in an open state, the refrigerator does not start and cannot be turned on.
1. This method of fault checking is:
Open the refrigerator's strong cold file (quick-freezer), if it can be started, you can conclude that the thermostat is damaged.
2, the solution:
Conditional purchase of the same type of thermostat replacement. It is also possible to purchase a refrigerator timer, turn the forced bell on and run, and use the timer to control the power on/off.

How to measure the refrigerator thermostat switch is good or bad
The refrigerator is a household appliance. The thermostat is used to control the temperature of the refrigerator. Due to frequent adjustments, it is easy to cause insensitivity or damage. At this time, how do we measure its quality? We will detail its measurement methods.
Tools/raw materials
Multimeter, temperature control switch.
Method / step
First, adjust the multimeter to the resistance 200 gear position, the black test pen to the com jack, the red test pen to the V / Ω jack, and finally turn on the multimeter voltage switch. Note Do not press the HOLD button.
Multimeter detects the quality of temperature control switch

The thermostat used in the refrigerator has three or four terminals, one or two of which are grounded and have a grounding symbol. The remaining two are the control terminals and their resistance should be close to 0 ohms.
The normal control contact of the thermostat does not mean that the thermostat is normal. It is also necessary to measure the leakage of its contacts. In this case, the multimeter needs to be adjusted to the gear position of 20MΩ, and the resistance of the contact to the ground is measured.
Use one of the multimeter's pens to touch the ground terminal of the thermostat, and the other pen to contact one of the control terminals of the thermostat. If the measurement result shows “1.”, the thermostat has good insulation and can be used normally.
Then use the same method to measure the resistance between the other control terminal and the ground terminal of the temperature controller, and display "1." as normal. If the measured resistance is relatively small, it indicates that the thermostat is leaking, which will cause the refrigerator to trip.

The process of detecting the refrigerator thermostat by the multimeter

The last thing to measure is whether the resistance between the two ground terminals is close to zero. If the resistance is 0, both terminals can be used.
Also need to pay attention to: When measuring the control contact with the multimeter pen, observe that the resistance value is close to 0 when adjusting the knob. If there is a breakpoint, the thermostat is not working properly.
Always disconnect the power supply and unplug the control terminals before measuring the thermostat. Otherwise the measurement is not accurate.

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