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Home appliance thermostat advantages

Bimetal temperature controller life test

1.1 The heating temperature can be precisely adjusted from room temperature to 500 °C, and the thermal overshoot is small.

At present, the heating methods on the market mainly include tungsten halogen lamps/electric soldering irons/electric heating coils and heat gun heating. There is a large thermal inertia, and there is a serious temperature overshoot phenomenon, which has a great influence on the test results; The life of the heating body is short, which increases the degree of responsibility for maintenance and needs to be replaced occasionally; The heating temperature range is not large, and it is not easy to accurately control and other defects.

The heating temperature of the device can be adjusted more accurately, the measuring range is large, and the temperature can reach 500 ° C, and the effect of thermal overshoot on the detection result can be effectively solved. Equipment maintenance is simple.

1.2 The on/off speed can be adjusted in a wide range
The cooling airflow is applied only to a portion of the surface surrounding the thermostat sensitive device for local cooling rather than lowering the temperature of the entire thermostat. The pressure of the cooling airflow and the number of nozzles can be flexibly adjusted, and the cooling speed is fast; The heating copper block is thicker and larger, the heat capacity is large, and the temperature rises faster, thereby achieving an adjustable on-off duty ratio and a large controllable range.

Meet the standard requirements or the manufacturer's own declared test requirements. The adjustable range of the on-off speed is significantly improved relative to the way in which the temperature of the entire thermostat is changed.

1.3 The most close to the actual working condition of the appliance thermostat

During the whole life test, the device under test is fixed on the copper plate, which is close to the actual working condition of the thermostat, and has the least impact on the results. Most of the current market methods are rocker-type structures. During the life test, the position of the device under test has been changing, and some thermostats, such as pressure thermostats, have a greater impact.

1.4 Home appliance thermostat has a simple structure, low cost and strong versatility
The whole set of equipment has simple structure, low cost, strong versatility and simple maintenance. Temperature sensitive controllers come in a wide variety of sizes and sizes. The device only needs to locate the side closest to the temperature sensitive component and attach it to the copper block, and press it with a heat-resistant insulating pressure plate, which is simple and convenient to operate. The entire device is relatively simple in structure and low in cost.

2, home appliance temperature controller summary

The equipment has been developed and put into use in this unit and several thermostat companies for many years. It is used well and can realize the life test of various household appliance thermostats such as bimetal thermostat and capillary pressure expansion thermostat. Compared with the test results of other manufacturers' equipment, the detection status is more in line with the relevant standards of the temperature controller, and the detection result is accurate and the cost is low.
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