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Digital thermostat common fault alarm and maintenance

in daily life, When the digital thermostat has a problem, The display will display some alarm symbols, We can refer to the alarm information, the thermostat for maintenance.
Q: digital thermostat has a phase (or two-phase) display "-OP-", other phase normal?
A: 1, check the temperature sensor DB9 (female) plug is loose, Correctly connected to the digital thermostat DB9 (male) seat.
  2, check the temperature sensor probe appearance is obvious trauma, Sensor cable is aging, Whether the normal communication signal.
In the field, if the above phenomenon, Can be basically judged that the sensor cable or sensor probe failure, Or the sensor connector is not connected, Digital thermostat itself is no problem. Because the internal hardware and software (program) of the digital thermostat are the same module handling different channel signals. So as long as there is a phase temperature is normal, Can be basically excluded from the digital thermostat failure. Focus on checking the sensor cable or replacing the sensor cable.

Q: Does the display show "-OH-"?
A: check the phase beyond the temperature, Measuring the upper limit or temperature sensor circuit whether there is a large contact resistance, And eliminate line contact resistance.
Q: The display shows "-OL-"?
A: check the phase beyond the temperature, The lower limit of the measurement or whether the sensor measuring circuit has a short circuit, And contact with the manufacturers.
Q: The display shows "-Er-"
A: Check the temperature sensor, Measuring circuit whether there is a short circuit, And contact with the manufacturers.
Q: Three-phase measurement of temperature imbalance?
A: Check and adjust the depth position of Pt100 thermal resistance, (Note: my company's Pt100 thermal resistance is a rigorous screening and matching), And the measurement accuracy ≤ ± 0. 3℃.

Q: The display shows a fixed phase temperature, And the maximum indicator light is on
A: The display is in the maximum display state, Press the "maximum / tour" button to switch to each phase temperature tour display status.
digital thermostat incorrectly displays an alarm
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