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Custom iron adjustable thermostat, silver point temperature control switch with bracket

Silver point of the iron working status:

Irons work, The (silver point) dynamic and static contact contact, heating elements heating power. When the temperature reaches the set value, Bimetal heating under bending, Insulator is also down, so that (silver point) moving contact away from the static contact. Automatic cut-off electricity when the temperature is lower than the set value, Bimetal recovery, so that the two contacts closed, and then connected to the circuit; This repeated, can keep the temperature within a certain range.Set the level of temperature is adjusted by the temperature adjustment knob, Adjust the knob to screw down, Then the lower reed and the stationary contact down, ST set the temperature is high,

• Technical specifications are as follows
• Electrical parameters: AC250V / 10A, 125V / 16A
• Number of life cycles: not less than 100,000
• Brand / model: Yaxun / KST-
• Control Type: Temperature
• Working voltage: 250/125 (V) V
• Customization: Yes
• Temperature error: 5 (℃)
• Control mode: mechanical temperature controller
• Output signal: 10/16 (mA)
• Maximum ambient temperature / Max. Ambient Temperature: T250 ° C
• Temperature control range: 60 ~ 250 ℃
• Temperature control precision: + 5 ℃
• ON to OFF Difference / ON to OFF Difference: 10 to 40 ° C,
• Adjustable shaft design / length of tune up shaft: can design depending on demand / design according to customer requirements
• Withstanding voltage / Hi-pot: 2000V AC 1 minute

Thai electric iron bucket thermostat Atlas:
Thailand electric iron thermostat
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