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Cost and purchase of temperature control switch

When customers purchase mechanical bimetal thermostats, they will find that even the thermal switches with the same parameters have different prices. What is the reason that affects the price of the temperature control switch for overheating protection? Today, I will elaborate on some factors that affect the price of temperature switches.
Cost and purchase of bimetal thermal switch   The cost and purchase of temperature switches

1. The temperature of the temperature switch
In the case of the same material and the same parameters, the higher the temperature control accuracy, the higher the price. The temperature tolerance of the normal bimetallic temperature control switch is ±5℃. If ±3℃ and ±1℃ are required, the price will be relatively high.
If the distance between the protection temperature and the recovery temperature is very close, the price will be higher.
There is also a high temperature exceeding 200 ℃ or extremely low temperature less than 0 ℃, the price will be high.
These situations particularly test the technical capabilities of temperature control switch manufacturers, and have high technical requirements, so the price is relatively expensive.

2. The cost of raw materials and production process (labor cost)
When customers purchase temperature control switches, they will encounter some merchants who are expensive and some are cheap, and they will wonder why the same parameters are so different in price. This situation is inseparable from the selection of raw materials and the production process. Some manufacturers choose imported bimetal chips with high precision, good stability and long life. This way the price will be high. Some of them are cheaper because some of their peers have poor quality bimetal chips in order to reduce costs and fail to reach the promised service life. And the quality of the contacts will also affect the price of the product. YAXUN temperature control switch adopts imported EMS chip and pure silver contacts. In terms of process production, in order to ensure product quality, YAXUN temperature control switches would rather reduce production efficiency, but also strictly require control of the production process.

Cost and purchase of temperature control switch    Cost and purchase of bimetal thermostat

3. Purchase quantity
When customers customize bimetallic thermostats in large quantities, the price will no longer be so fixed and will be slightly cheaper. The amount of freight is calculated according to the weight of the temperature control switch and the distance of the transportation distance.

4. Intensity of market competition
In order to attract customers, many temperature control switch manufacturers and merchants have engaged in price wars with increasing competition pressure in the industry. Lower the selling price to attract customers, so the fiercer the competition, the lower the price.

In general, the factors that affect the price of temperature control switches include temperature, raw materials, technology and other factors. In addition, factors such as fierce market competition, shipping costs, and the number of customized temperature control switches will also have an impact. It is recommended that when buying a temperature control switch, in addition to the price, more consideration is the actual use effect and service life of the temperature control switch.
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