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Circuit Wiring Method of Temperature Controller

Yaxun's temperature controller

The connection of the thermostat is nothing more than the connection of the two main leads of input and output. As long as the power supply is normal, it can work. High-end, complex thermostats have more functions, mainly to give signals to the instrument and recorder twice. Or an external switching signal. Grasp the functionality of the meter can be easily wired.
1. The thermostat is a control mechanism that requires a sensor that can acquire external signals. So it has an input. The symbol of the general input will have the English INPUT word. Common ones are:
1> Pt100 platinum resistance (3 lines, also 2 lines).
2> Thermocouple (2 lines).
3> Infrared thermometer (2 lines, change the analog signal).

Temperature controller connection, input and output wiring diagram
2. Its next level should be the executing agency. So it has an output that is used to signal the actuator. The symbol of the general output will have the English OUTPUT word. Commonly there is:
2> Contact switch quantity.
3> Solid state drive.
4>DC 0-10v.

3. The alarm of thermostat is switching quantity, generally a common end. Then it is divided into 1, 2, 3 Road alarm. There are ALM1. ALM2 on the wiring diagram. Or EV1.EV2.

4. The common power supply for thermostats is 80-220V AC and 24V DC/AC power supply.

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