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Temperature controller refers to the physical deformation inside the switch according to the temperature change of the working environment, which causes some special effects. A series of automatic control elements that generate on or off actions. Also called temperature control switch, temperature protector, temperature controller, referred to as temperature controller. Or the temperature is transmitted to the temperature controller through the temperature protector, and the temperature controller sends a switch command to control the operation of the equipment to achieve the ideal temperature and energy saving effect.
The application range of thermostats is very wide. According to different types of thermostats, they are used in many products such as home appliances, motors, refrigeration or heating.

Thermostat Supply
At Ya Xun, we focus on customizing high quality thermostat supply. Thermostat is the electronics, electrical appliances industry's most common overheating protection, we can provide customized 50 to 100,000 different models of small batch production, as well as a wide range of product design and testing services to complete your project. Please contact our thermostat team to get a free quote, and talk about your next temperature control project design.

What Is A Thermostat?smallest thermostat TB02
Thermostat is based on the working environment of the temperature changes, physical deformation occurs inside the product, a control element which is automatically turned on or off, also known as temperature control switch, thermal protection, temperature controller and so on. Commonly used temperature control methods are: Sudden jump thermostat, Liquid expansion thermostat, Pressure-type thermostat, Electronic thermostat. Customers in the selection of thermostat, need to determine the thermostat control mode, product size and installation methods, wire type and temperature requirements, after the temperature control material parameters of the design, thermostat through the internal structure of the assembly and packaging process, to form a complete thermostat device. From the production process to the completion of the test need more than a dozen processes.

Thermostat CharacteristicsThermostat characteristics
Thermostats are ideal for your product thermal protection. The following are some of the advantages of the thermostat:
1. Intelligent automation control, good stability
2. open, stop the temperature difference is small
3. Different classification widely used, low prices
4. Control the temperature range, at -200 degrees Celsius to 150 degrees Celsius, -50 degrees Celsius to 850 degrees
5. Temperature test convenience: in the test furnace, Oil sink, water sink, thermostat sink equipment, testing on the spot.
6. The test results are automatically saved, and can not be artificially changed
7. Large overload current
8. Applies to the family (industry) of various electrical appliances, electronic equipment.

Jump Type ThermostatJump type thermostat
Jump type thermostat is a bimetallic sheet as a protective device for temperature sensing elements, the use of bimetal physical properties, the heat generated by the heat transfer to the bimetallic wafer, to set the action temperature set quickly action, automatic control contact open or closed; When the temperature drops to the reset temperature setting, the bimetal quickly returns to its original state, causing the contact to close or disconnect, to achieve the purpose of turning on or off the circuit, thereby controlling the circuit. Jump type thermostat is the most widely used thermal protection components, in order to facilitate product development and application.
Ya Xun developed a variety of temperature control methods, such as: automatic reset type, manual reset type, normally open type, normally closed type, temperature limit type, car water tank thermal protection device, and installation of fixed diversification. There is always a can meet your requirements, please consult our professional technical team.
Bimetal thermostat has a lot of no classification, used in different electrical appliances, common models are: KSD301, KSD302, KSd9700, adjustable thermostat, defrost thermostat, electric iron thermostat, motor thermal protector and so on. Ya Xun has been working on the market development, with the world's smallest thermostat TB02, KW-C and so on.
In the complex thermal protection circuit, i also designed for your product multiple thermal protection, usually used in series with the thermal fuse, Jump type thermostat as a level of protection. The thermal fuse is used as a secondary protection function to effectively prevent the burnout of the heating element and effectively prevent the fire accident when the sudden failure of the heating element is caused by the function of the sudden jump thermostat.
Liquid Expansion Thermostat
Liquid expansion thermostat supplier
Liquid expansion thermostat also called capillary thermostats, widely used boiler, electric oven, high-power electrical appliances, and so on. When the temperature of the heating element changes, the temperature inside the temperature control part of the material (usually liquid) to produce the corresponding thermal expansion and contraction of the physical phenomena (volume changes), and the membrane box communicating with the temperature sensing portion is expanded or contracted.
To the principle of leverage, drive switch on | off operation, can achieve the purpose of constant temperature.
Liquid expansion thermostat has a manual reset and the auto reset function.
Pressure Type Thermostat
Pressure Type Thermostat supplier
Pressure-type thermostat through the sealed internal temperature components: temperature wrap and capillaries, the temperature change of the heating element is changed to the change of the space pressure or the volume, by the elastic member and the instantaneous fast mechanism, automatically close the contact to achieve the purpose of automatic control of the temperature.
The main components from the Department of temperature (probe), temperature setting main body, the implementation of open and close the micro switch or automatic damper composed of three parts. Pressure thermostat for refrigeration equipment (such as refrigerators, freezers, air conditioning, etc.) and heating appliances.
 In Ya Xun, to meet the needs of the market, the main products are: GTLH thermostat,
 Prodigy mechanical thermostat, Ranco thermostat, S Series Saginomiya thermostat, ROBERTSHAW thermostat, Danfoss Thermostat.
Electronic Digital Thermostat
Digital electronic temperature controller
Digital electronic temperature controller (resistive) is the use of resistance temperature method to measure, is a high precision temperature detection controller, can quantify the temperature digital control.
Generally use NTC | PTC thermal sensor or thermocouple as a temperature detection element, its principle is: the NTC | PTC thermistor or thermocouple designed to the corresponding circuit, NTC | PTC thermistor or thermocouple changes with temperature, it will produce the corresponding voltage and current changes, and then through the microcontroller to change the voltage and current to detect, quantify the display, and do the appropriate control. Digital temperature controller with high accuracy, good sensitivity, intuitive, easy to operate and so on.
Quick Proofing
Material identification and test standard
Are you hurrying to find new thermostats with different parameters to develop new products? Ya Xun unique quick proofing processing methods, only need to process half of the traditional product production cycle, to meet your different product needs. but this advanced processing methods also have some limitations, please check here to see if the quick proofing is available for your next item.
Material Identification And Quality Assurance
Ya Xun introduced a full range of measurement and testing equipment, to ensure that all incoming quality, we have a modern measurement laboratory to ensure that your product quality, can really meet the specific parameters of each product requirements.
Thermostat Test Standard
Production of high-quality temperature control accessories, depends on the production management and process control. And technology and advanced testing equipment is the guarantee of product quality. To ensure product quality, Yaxun insists that each project follows the following steps.
     Technical Support: Consult the entire technical team to provide you with free production design and (DFM) recommendations
     Keep its promise: plant manager will conduct a thorough review of each order, to ensure compliance with the contract requirements
     Real material: all incoming to be tested
     Process control: complete production process inspection, including random sampling (FAI)
     Flawless factory: finished product inspection and quality report
We guarantee that all products have passed my company's various testing standards.
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You're Ready For Your Next Project Yet?
After receiving your product parameters, Ya Xun's professionals will analyze the feasibility of product design. our engineers will judge the correctness of temperature control, combined with the appropriate temperature control application principle, to ensure that your next project can reach or exceed your expectations. Get a free quote.
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