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Bimetallic temperature switch & thermostat working principle

Bimetal is a composite of two or more metals or other materials with appropriate properties. Bimetal is widely used in temperature switch / thermostats and other products.
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Before understanding the temperature switch, We should first understand the basic characteristics of bimetallic: NC 15 A Bi-Metallic Thermostat, 0 to +150 °C    

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Bimetal is the use of bimetal in the temperature changes in the deformation of the components. Usually by two layers of different thermal expansion coefficient of alloy superimposed.
Among them, the expansion coefficient is called active layer; The smaller coefficient of expansion is called the passive layer. Active layer of materials are manganese nickel copper alloy, nickel chromium iron alloy, nickel manganese iron alloy and nickel, and so on; Passive layer of the material is mainly nickel-iron alloy, nickel content of 34 to 50%.
 Due to the difference of metal expansion coefficient. When the temperature changes, The deformation of the active layer is greater than the deformation of the passive layer, So that the entire bimetal is bent toward the passive layer side, Resulting in deformation.

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Bimetal temperature switch | Thermostat Application:
temperature switch is widely used in household appliances: heating equipment, Such as washing machine motors, transformers, air-conditioning fan motor, ballast, electric appliances, electric heater, induction cooker, lamps, motor car windows, car radiator, lithium batteries, DC power tools, electric iron and so on. temperature switch can take place according to the working environment temperature changes in physical deformations, Thereby producing special thermal protection effect. Turned on or off the current action and a series of automatic control components. It is also known as temperature protection or temperature controller.
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temperature switch works:
   temperature switch in the temperature control on the sensitive action, Bimetallic pop-up thermostat is a fixed temperature after the bimetal as a heat-sensitive reaction components, When the product of the main pieces of the heat generated when the temperature is transferred to the bimetal, Electrical work properly, The bimetal will be in a free state, Contact will be in a closed form, In the non-normal operation of electrical and electronic products, The temperature will rise ceaselessly, Bimetal will be subject to temperature stress resulting from the occurrence of rapid action, Open or close contacts, Cut or connected to the current, Play to protect the machine from damage, Conversely, when the temperature drops to the set reset temperature, Bimetallic rapid return to its original state, So that the contact closed or disconnected, To turn on or off the circuit for the purpose, Thereby controlling the circuit. The above process is the temperature switch specific working principle, temperature switch can sense the electrical and electronic products in the abnormal operation of the overheating protection, Thereby cutting off the current in order to avoid the occurrence of fire.

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