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MF51 enameled wire Bead thermistor_サーミスタ

Category: Thermistor
Product Introduction:enameled wire thermistor
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    A: Appearance Dimensions
    MF51 enameled wire NTC thermistor
     Note: 1: Head size: 1.0mm ~ 3.0mm (according to customer requirements)
    2: Wire: φ0.18MM ~ 0.3MM (according to customer requirements)
    3: Cable length: 10MM ~ 400MM (according to customer requirements)
     II: Product Features:
    1: MF51 series of products for the enameled with epoxy coating type
    2: Wide range of resistance: 1KΩ ~ 200KΩ
    3: Resistance and B value of high accuracy
    4: good insulation, high reliability, small time constant
    5: small, reflecting the speed
    6: is stable for a long time, consistency
    7: Operating temperature range: -40 ~ 110 ℃
     4: Model Description
    MF 51 103 F 3950
    ① ② ③ ④ ⑤
    ①MF ¬-- negative temperature coefficient (NTC) thermistor Code.
    ②51-- epoxy package NTC thermistor temperature sensor.
    ③103 - thermistor nominal resistance, indicating that the nominal resistance of the resistance: 10 × 103 (Ω).
    Error ④F-- resistance value (accuracy) is: F = ± 1%, G = ± 2%, H = ± 3%, J = ± 5%
    ⑤3950-- thermal resistance index (material factor) B is: 395 × 10 (K)
    Five: MF51 Series Model Specification
    Note: according to customer requirements, provide different resistance, B value precision, customization.
      NTC thermistor measurements must note the following:
    • can not be measured in the air, the larger the difference in air temperature measurement inaccurate, resulting accuracy deviation.
    • After using the high-precision measurements of the bath, measured after NTC into the bath, the bath temperature must be stable before measurement.
    • Measure the voltage as low as possible in order to reduce measurement errors due to self-heating NTC.
    • High temperature measurement, required temperature bath thermometer correction, check
    Model Rated resistanceR25 B Value work
    Dissipation factormW/ Thermal time
    ± %
    Nominal value
    MF51-202-3435 2 ±1%
    3435 -40 
     Still air
     Still air
    MF51-502-3470 5 3470
    MF51-682-3950 6.8 3950
    MF51-103-3435 10 3435
    MF51-103-3470 10 3470
    MF51-103-3950 10 3950
    MF51-203-3950 20 3950
    MF51-503-3950 50 3950
    MF51-683-3950 68 3950
    MF51-873-3950 87 3950
    MF51-104-3950 100 3950
    MF51-104-3990 100 3990
    MF51-204-3950 200 3950
    MF51-204-4260 200 4260

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