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Thermal Switch Manufacturing

Category: Bimetal Disc Switch
Product Introduction:
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    Thermal Switch Supply
    KSD301 series of products is the most widely used thermal switch. In Ya Xun, we provide high-precision dish-type bimetallic stamping, temperature classification, assembly, product testing one-stop service. Our product development for the needs of the market, there are a variety of different product size, different temperature control methods. If you are developing a new product, you need to know the product thermal protector, please contact our professional team, you can get a satisfactory offer and sample.

    What Is Thermal SwitchWhat Is Thermal Switch
    KSD301 series temperature sensing element is a bimetal, is the most commonly used electrical overheating protection. When the electrical work, the bimetal is in a free state, the contacts are in the closed / disconnected state, when the temperature of the electrical appliance does not rise normally, when the protection action temperature of the Thermal Switch is reached, subject to heat effects Bimetallic, produce internal stress and rapid action, open / close contact, off / turn-on circuit, which play a protective role in temperature. When the electrical cooling to the reset temperature, the contact automatically closed / open, turn on the power, to return to normal working condition. KSD301 series of products can generally be repeated tens of thousands of times.

    Thermal Switch CharacteristicThermal Switch Characteristic
    Stable performance, high precision;
    Small size, light weight;
    Not pull the arc, the structure of precision;
    Can be reused, long life;
    Widely used, the installation of diversification;
    High Power, can be applied to large current electrical appliances;
    Radio dry worry small.

    Product Model Representation Method
    K S D 301 / □ □ □ / □□□□□
    K Class Code: K-Thermostat
    Contact action mode S: S- instant action, M- slow-acting
    D Temperature setting mode: D-fixed, T-adjustable
    301 design code: 301
      Fixed form: 1 - fixed aluminum cover, 2 - active ring free fixed, 3 - no fixed
    Terminal posture: 1 - level; 2. vertical; 3-bend 45 °; 4. horizontal / vertical; 5-level / bend 45 °; 6. vertical / curved foot 45 °; 7 - no pin; 8 - other angles
    Terminal type: 1-250 series; 2-187 series; 3-non-standard terminal
    Operating temperature range Nominal value: 3 digits + On-off mode + 1-bit range absolute value.

    Control MethodThermal Switch Control Method
    KSD series of temperature control after years of technology development, in order to adapt to the product of a variety of temperature control methods, in the Ya Xun, to meet the requirements of different customers, the development of a variety of temperature control products:
    1. Automatic reset: changes or decreases with temperature, the internal contact is automatically disconnected or automatically closed.
    2. Manual reset (anti-dry type): Mainly used in water heaters, when the temperature rises, the contact will automatically disconnect; when the controller temperature cooling, you must manually press the button to reset the contact again closed power.
    3. Normally closed(NC): Electrical appliances work properly, the contact is closed, the thermostat is in power state, when the temperature reaches the operating temperature, the bimetallic sheet heat generated internal stress, and rapid action, open the contacts, cut off / on circuit, which play a role in temperature control.
    4. Normally open type(NO): Electrical work, the contact is in the open state, the thermostat is in power state. When the temperature reaches the operating temperature, the bimetallic sheet heat generated internal stress, and rapid action, closed contact, connected to the cooling power supply, reducing the temperature of the heat generating element, which play a protective role.

    5. Conventional electrical parameter type: 1) AC250V 50 ~ 60Hz 5A / 10A / 15A (resistive load)
                                          2) UL AC125V 50Hz 15A (resistive load)
    6. High power type (KSD302): AC250V or 400V; 50 / 60Hz
                                                1) 16A; 20A; 25A; 30A; 35A
                                                2) 50A; 55A; 60A;
    Defrost type: Mainly used in refrigerator defrost control. In the compressor running to a certain time, Immediately after the temperature of the -14 ° C felt by the defrosting thermostat on the evaporator, turn on current, at this time defrost timer operation, defrosting heater began to work, when the defrost thermostat feel +5 ℃, the defrost thermostat contacts open, defrost thermostat (tube) to stop working.

    Product Structure
    KSD301 series of temperature control switch, the basic components of the thermostat accessories:
    Shell (bakelite, ceramic), Aluminum cover (stainless steel cover, copper stud), Terminals, contacts, rivets, static contact, moving reed, Temperature sheet (bimetallic sheet) and so on, manufacturing a precision thermostat, need more than a dozen processes, assembled by automated mechanical equipment.
    1, KSD301 shell (bakelite and ceramics)
    2.KSD301, KSD302 aluminum cover (thermal and protective effect)
    3.KSD301 terminal 6.3mm 4.8mm (connection \ conductive effect)

    Ksd301 terminal block Terminal size AxB 4.8x0.5 4.8x0.8 6.3x0.8
    Axial force N 50 60 70

    4, the contacts (the contacts of silver and copper, silver dot product expensive)
    5, rivets (connection and fixed)
    6, the stationary contact piece (copper)
    7, moveable spring (copper)
    8, Temperature sheet (Bimetallic)

    Product Technical Parameters And TerminologyThermal Switch Product Structure
    KSD301 Thermostat A precision temperature controller. Products from design, production, to testing, are the standard technical requirements. In Ya Xun, an independent laboratory, by setting the thermostat industry standards to guide the market, when you contact our professional technical team, you first need to provide the technical parameters of the product design and installation. In order to achieve the best results, our engineers need to carefully study your product applications, so as to optimize the appropriate installation and temperature control. Which may include the addition of wiring to avoid the thermostat and the heating body is not close contact, affect the temperature control accuracy of the product. Please parameters My company's thermostat production standards:
    GB / T14536.1-12008 Automatic controllers for household and similar purposes - Part 1: General requirements
    GB14536.10-2008 Particular requirements for temperature sensitive controllers for automatic control of household and similar use
    JB / T3751-1997 household and similar bimetallic temperature controller
    Idt IEC730-1: 2008 UL873

    1, electrical parameters: 1) CQC, VDE, UL, CUL, AC250V 50 ~ 60Hz 5A / 10A / 15A (resistive load)
    2) UL AC 125V 50Hz 15A (resistive load)
    2, the operating temperature range: 0 ~ 240 ℃ (optional), the temperature accuracy: ± 2 ± 3 ± 5 ± 10 ℃
    3, the response and the action temperature difference: 8 ~ 100 ℃ (optional)
    4, wiring method: plug terminal 250 # (bend 0 ~ 90 ° optional); plug terminal 187 # (bend 0 ~ 90 ° optional, thickness 0.5, 0.8mm optional)
    5, the service life: ≥ 100000 times
    6, electrical strength: AC 50Hz 1800V lasted 1min, no flicker, no breakdown
    7, contact resistance: ≤ 50mΩ
    8, insulation resistance: ≥ 100MΩ
    9, contact form: Normally closed: temperature rise, contact open, temperature drop, contact connected;
    Normally open: temperature rise, contact connected, temperature drop, contact open
    10, the shell protection class: IP00
    11, grounding: through the thermostat metal shell and metal parts connected to the device.
    12, installation: with a mother or welding reinforcement.
    13, the temperature range: -25 ℃ ∽ +240 ℃.
    14, set the temperature setting temperature
    The temperature target value set on the thermostat is automatically disconnected or turned on when the temperature rises or falls below the target value under normal operating conditions.
    15, on-off temperature difference
       The temperature difference between the automatic on and off circuit when the temperature is set on the thermostat.
    16, working temperature
    When the temperature is set to a certain temperature value on the thermostat, the temperature rise contact is open or on or the temperature drop contact is turned on or off to control the temperature value.

    Installation PrecautionsThermal Switch installation method
    Thermostat is a kind of overheating protection components, is the protection of electrical safety, we choose a good thermostat, at the same time pay attention to the product installation standards, so as to better application of product performance and characteristics, to ensure the safe use of the product.

    1, Thermal Switch installation of the aluminum cover can not be the top of the collapse, loose or deformation, to avoid aluminum cover can not be a good contact with the heating element, affecting the temperature effect;
    2, can not allow the liquid to penetrate inside KSD301 thermostat,
    3, Thermal Switch shell cracks must be replaced products,
    4, the terminal has several different shapes, are subject to the requirements of customers customized, if the installation does not meet customer requirements, also can not arbitrarily change the terminal installation.

    5, Thermal Switch storage warehouse requirements: relative humidity less than 90%, ambient temperature below 40 ℃, ventilated, dry, non-corrosive gases.
    6, Thermal Switch installation, the aluminum cover should be close to the heating body, in order to ensure the effect of temperature, the surface of the heating element should be coated with thermal silica gel, so that the thermostat fixed in the heating body surface.
    7, Thermal Switch has different current options (5A, 10A, 15A, 20A .... 50A), if the product specifications of the current is 5A, you can not use more than 5A current electrical appliances.

    Start Your Next ProjectThermal Switch packaging and application
    For Thermal Switch applied to different electrical projects, our professional team will analyze and compare the protection of electrical appliances, choose one of the most suitable thermal protectors for you. You can understand not only the price difference between the products, but also the potential performance advantages of the product, the project turnaround time. Contact us today for free quotes and project evaluations.

    Widely used: drinking fountains, water heaters, sandwiches toaster, dishwashers, dryers, disinfection cabinet, microwave ovens, electric coffee pots, electric cookers, refrigerators, air conditioners, plastic machines, office equipment, car seat heaters Electric appliances.

    ►R & D, production and sales. Protection of electronic components industry standard setters. Rich experience in production technology, 100% pass rate. All products through international quality certification standards, 63 patent certificates.
    Strong Production Capacity
    ►The introduction of top international production, testing equipment, leading R & D manufacturing process; Multiple rigorous safety testing processes, Annual production capacity of 1 billion, Sales and service network all over the world.
    Professional Technical Support
    ►Our company provides free samples to test. Unconditional 100% quality assurance; One on one to provide you with protection element solutions, Tailored for you.
    Distinguished Quality Service
    ►We have a professional management team and sales network;Service up to more than 10,000 users worldwide;Homegrown, no middleman, Saves you 20% of the product price.

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