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Ksd9700 temperature switch testing rules

Article Source:Thermostat factoryAuthor:Yaxun ElectronicsPopularity:Published time:2017-03-15 19:39

Ksd9700 temperature switch testing rules
1.1 Classification of tests
     Test methods: type inspection and factory inspection two.
1.2 Type inspection
     Ksd9700 temperature switch is one of the following circumstances,General should be type test:
     A. New product stereotypes or old products when the factory production;
     B. After the formal production, such as structure, materials, technology has a greater change,May affect product performance;
     C. 1 year after the product is discontinued, when the production is resumed;
     D. Normal production,Conduct a test every year;
     E. National quality supervision agencies are required to carry out the type test requirements.
1.2.1 Type inspection rules
      Used for type testing Ksd9700 temperature switch,Must be the main manufacturing process fully equipped formal products,Each test project should be no less than 5,All test items are qualified and tested for all tested products,Was considered Ksd9700 temperature switch type inspection qualified,Otherwise it must analyze the reasons,Take technical measures,And even improve the design, technology, tooling, etc., to re-conduct,Until the type of inspection so far.
1.2.2 Type inspection items
      Type test items in Table 1.
Table 1:

No. Pilot projects Product grouping Technical requirements experiment method
1 2 3
1 Exterior     1.2.1 1.2.1
Lead wire tensile test
    1.2.2 1.2.2
3 Insulation pieces of glow wire test     1.3.2 1.2.3
4 Rated breaking temperature test   1.4.1 1.3.1
5 Rated reset temperature test     1.4.2 1.3.2
6 Critical trip current test     1.4.3 1.3.3
7 Rated trip current test     1.4.4 1.3.4
8 Contact resistance test     1.4.5 1.3.5
9 Insulation resistance test     1.4.6 1.3.6
10 Electrical strength test     1.4.7 1.3.7
11 Durability test     1.4.8 1.3.8
12 Limit short circuit performance test     1.4.9 1.3.9
13 Thermal performance test     1.4.10 1.3.10
14 High temperature performance test     1.4.11 1.3.11
15 Low temperature performance test     1.4.12 1.3.12
16 Vibration performance test     1.4.13 1.3.13
Note: The test is divided into 5 groups, each group of 5 samples No. 1 in Table 1 A test must be qualified. No. 1 in Table 1 The first test allows any item to be unqualified,But need to double the number of test re-test,Non-conformance items are still qualified for inspection.
1.3 factory inspection
      The factory inspection is divided into two kinds of routine inspection and sampling inspection.
1.3.1 routine inspection General inspection rules
   Routine inspection as Ksd9700 temperature switch production process,Each product must be tested,Conventional testing can be carried out using the same equivalent test method or rapid test method as the type test condition,Unqualified products must be repaired one by one,Until fully qualified,If unable to repair,
Should be scrapped. routine inspection items
      The routine inspection items are:
      A. general inspection;
      B. Rated breaking temperature test;
      C. Rated reset temperature test;
      D. Electrical strength test.
1.3.2 Sampling inspection Sampling inspection rules
    Sampling test as Ksd9700 temperature switch factory final inspection,Sampling inspection according to the provisions of GB2828 inspection,
For the determination of unqualified batch products,Should be the batch (or cycle) of all products after retirement to test Taiwan,Qualified to allow the factory. sampling of factory sampling inspection GB2828 in Table 2, the general level of inspection "Ⅱ" and Table 3 normal inspection of a sampling program requirements. The qualified quality level of the sampling test (AQL value) is shown in Table 2. Sampling inspection items
General sampling test items in Table 2.    Technical guide: <temperature control switch detection equipment parameter standard>
               Table 2
No. Test items AQL
1 Exterior 4
2 Lead wire or terminal tensile test 1.5
3 Rated breaking temperature test 1.0
4 Reset temperature test 2.5
5 Contact resistance test 1.5
6 Electrical strength test  
Note: No. 6 AC = 0
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